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We haven't had a tummy ache in a week and dd's med free!

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I'll skip how she became med free becasue it involves a bad mommy story but I finally figured out what the final thing bugging dd was! Rice! I was watching her diet and noticed anytime she ate something with rice in it she got a tummy ache so I pulled it (not a big deal since her only source was rice milk and cereal) and i've only heard 1 complaint this week and she wasn't actually in pain. She just didn't want to eat what I made for dinner and has learned "my tummy hurts" gets her out of eating. Anyway, its been nice not hearing it all the time and her behavior is better too
I plan on giving her some in another week or so to make sure that rice is actually the problem. I'm not surprised though, i've been allergic to rice since I was an infant myself.
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That's great news! Not only that she's feeling better, but that it's something you don't eat yourself anyway.
Hooray! Nothing like finding out that something simple, that you have control over, is causing pain, so you can stop it!
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