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We hired a midwife!!

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We met with a midwife on Saturday and really loved her, she was great! She doesn't have specific knowledge of my condition (rh sensitized) but is willing to learn with me. She does her own bloodwork which is a must since I will require it on a monthly basis come 20 weeks, and is willing to refund me if I end up having to transfer care. We just decided to treat this as a normal pregnancy until it's not a normal pregnancy, then we will deal with those changes as they may come sooner. I am so happy and hopeful that I may get the homebirth I so desperately want! And if I don't, that's going to be okay too. I just have to know I did all I could and didn't just sit and accept the OB label of high risk when we don't even have all the facts yet.
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Sounds great! Hope your pregnancy continues uneventful until labor
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It sounds like you are so comfortable with her, that is excellent!! I'm happy that things are working out so well so far, and hoping you have an uneventful pregnancy from here on out!!
yay for mw's! it sounds like a wonderful situation
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to you! Not that we can have real champagne, but a toast in honor of your newly hired midwife!!
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Sounds wonderful!! I'm glad you love your midwife, I love it when things just click right away!!

I'm RH- also, we're sure this is our last baby but are worried about possible accidents if his 'V' isn't 100% effective. I'm leaning towards getting the shots of RhoGAM.
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