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We need a home for our border collie Northern CA

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My daughter's border collie, Scarlet, just can't seem to get along
with our female lab. We need to find her a new home
She's very
loving to children, though she does jump up on you when excited.
She's also a herding dog and will herd children if they wander off.
She's grabbed Timmy's pants when she thought he was wandering away
from "the herd". He yelled at her really loud and stomped at her
and she hasn't done it since. She did this the first month we had
her. She was still a puppy at the time. We've had her for 2 years
now without further incident. She's spayed and I'll get her a
rabies shot before giving her away since she's due in 2 months
anyway. At the same time I'll get a copy of her spay certificate
for her new family to license her with. So.... if you know anyone
that would love to have a medium sized dog that is friendly, crate
trained, and loves kids...please give me a PM. She comes with her crate and toys. She's red and white with gorgeous blue eyes.


PS Dani is heartbroken and would really love to be able to visit
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How long have you had the lab? How did the aggression start? What techniques have you tried to stop it?
We've had the lab for almost 4 years, the border collie for just under 2 years. We started out separating them while they ate, and that seemed to do it for a while, then we had to quit putting them in the dog run together. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when or why it happens. Scarlet will run accross the yard to jump on Lady and attack her. Even when I'm out in the yard with them playing with both of them. So we've had to keep them completely separate from eachother. We had a behaviorist helping us for a while....she had us supporting Lady as alpha dog, feeding her first, etc. To help Scarlet understand where she was in the pecking order. Everything we've tried seems to work for a while, them BAMMO!!!! they're fighting again. It's really disheartening. Now they've actually started to injur each other to the point of need vet visits sometimes, so we don't let them together at all anymore. Today they got at eachother anyway while I was switching them out of the dog run. It's crazy, like they hate eachother.
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Are you sure the lab should still be in alpha position? It sounds as if the border collie is more dominant.
Have you contacted a border collie rescue organization? There may be one near enough to help you.
The lab is 5 years old. She was here first, AND she's much stronger than the border collie. The border collie starts the fight but the lab finishes it IYWIM. The border collie always ends up the more injured one. Right now the border collie is limping around with a gimpy leg and gashes all over her face. The lab has a couple of puncture wounds and that's it. Luckily the lab is really good about letting my tend to her wounds, but it's a fight with the border collie, I have to muzzle her to clean her booboos and check out her leg.
She's VERY high strung. But she is such a lovey dog. I got a call back from another behaviorist today with some more suggestions. We have to wait until the border collie's leg is healed to start the physical stuff though. But we can do the other stuff she wants us to try. And we're picking up another muzzle for them to wear if they need to be in the yard together (like when I clean out the dog run etc.) Otherwise I'd have to have one in the house and one out, or put both of them in their crates. Neither of these things is bad, but they really do need opportunities to be together while I'm nearbye watching.

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I would try to find a border collie rescue group, that way you know she will end up with people who know and love border collies. You have to be careful of adds, you just never know what the people will be like or where the dog will end up. If she is purebred the akc website has links to rescues. Also you can google an might come up with one near you.
Here is a link to start
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