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We Took The Plunge And Bought A Britax Marathon

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When we had originally looked at getting a bigger carseat we finally decided that we couldn't afford the Britax, and would be better off getting two Safety 1st Summit carseats. One for my car and one for DH's truck. Even though 95% of the time she is with me in my car. So this weekend we happened to be out of town in a bigger city and it was raining and driving was a mess. Traffic everywhere, cars going when they shouldn' know how it is. So I mentioned to DH that I wanted to stop at this one store because I was looking to see if they carried bigger sizes in baptism dresses. On the way there we literally almost got in two accidents it was that bad. So as I am looking at dresses DH wanders around and over to the carseats. I see him take one down and start monkeying around with it, whatever. No luck finding a dress. Anyways DH was playing around with the Britax Marathon carseat and was mentally kind of comparing it to the one we planned on stopping and buying on the way home. And we finally both came to the conclusion that everything we have bought for this baby was used or borrowed and the one thing we did not want to skimp on was a car seat, so we debated for a good 15 minutes over what cover to get and bought it. I won the cover battle since it will be in my car most of the time. It also fits perfectly in my car. And I can not beleive how easy it is to strap her in. The straps are wonderful!!! I am so glad we got it wvwn though now we have to cut back for a whil eon other stuff.
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Congrats. The weight limits and rear-facing tether make it worth every single penny. What cover did you get? We have a Cowmooflage and I just ordered a Luau.
We got the Ashley Floral. My first choice out of what was available. They had an all black, cowmooflauge, and floral. DH wanted black. I assured him if our next one is a boy I will order a different color.
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We also just bought that seat. I know you guys already got yours, but for anyone else reading this, I was able to find it on line for $219 with free shipping. That's less than any store I had looked at. I just did a google search, and there were a few sites for that price. I did have to get the brown suede-like color, but I didn't really care.
You're going to love it! We have three of them!
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