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weak back

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i have a very weak upper body. i've found that regardless of the carrier style, i end up achy. i wore my baby all of the time until a few weeks ago when her weight versus my strength became more of an issue.

can any of you recommend some exercises that strengthen the back?
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Have you been to a chiropractor? I can't carry my kids in a front pack because after 15 minutes I can barely walk! Ugh. My chiropractor helps me out tremendously though. I can tell if I haven't been to her in a while because it becomes much more difficult for me to sling the kiddos.
Perhaps I should have titled this thread "weak shoulders" as my shoulders hurt the most. Maybe this is a core problem as well? I haven't been to see a doctor becuase the pain goes away if I simply stop wearing her for 24 hours.

I've been doing yoga. I see gradual improvement with my arms (when just carrying her) and core, but my shoulders still feel like they are collapsing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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