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Weak-stomached partners

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Any of you ladies worried about your weak-stomached partners at the birth? My dh is *very* sensitive to seeing/hearing about bodily functions that he thinks are yucky. I thought for sure he would freak out at the birth of #1. He told me he would be looking at my face the whole time. Things were a bit hectic in the delivery room, as I came in ready to push and they weren't ready for that, so the nurse made him hold up one of my legs.
: (for me being on my back, not dh's sake!). He ended up handling it really well. And when my water broke during a push with #2 and sprayed all over him, he didn't faint or vomit or run out of the room screaming. He even waited until after the baby was born to get changed, and let me have a bath before he showered everything off. But the other day, he was rubbing my calf, and I asked him to stop because my varicose veins there feel like a bruise when they are touched. He hasn't seen much of my legs, and took a look at that. He was all worried and said I needed to see someone about it. I told him they weren't bothering me, and that those ones were the mildest ones I had. He said he had to go sit down because he was getting faint. I don't understand how that can affect him, but not the birth itself. Maybe adrenaline?
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If he was okay with your other births, I bet he'll be just fine with the next one.

BTW, I love your kids' names!
Jo is totally grossed out by blood and such things and has ruled out all things like cutting the cord, "catching" the baby, etc. She is going to stay by my head and the midwives and the doula know that and respect it. It is all over my chart that Jo will not be cutting the cord or helping to deliver the baby.

I am not worried as long as she's by my head!!

Shannon, your post made me laugh so hard! LOL

Jen, there might not be blood... If you relax completely and push gently, I don't see why there would be a bloody birth. I think you should be sure someone at leasts asks if Jo might want to cut the cord, once it stops pulsating, because as you read in Shannon's story, things can be very different at the birth. And it could end up being very special for her.

I think if Matt had thought ahead of time about the details of cord-cutting, he would have worked himself up to a vomit and decided not to do it. But when the time came, and he was offered, he went right ahead and didn't even flinch. =O)
Im not worried about my husband, but I know that he wont be catching the baby or cutting the cord. He'll probably be standing as far away from all that as he can get. He will not be in the room while I labor either, he said he'd rather clean the house until the birth, so Im going to take him up on that.

The interesting thing is that he doesnt mind cleaning up huge disgusting messes though. He just doesnt want to have to participate in the labor/birth.
I dont care. Its his loss.
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My dh won't cut, catch, or look either. He used to say he didn't want to see the baby until it was clean. But now he knows he can't help himself. He has to look!
Whatever- as long as he's there.
Jerome is awesome dealing with "gross stuff" but I am concerned about how he will react to me. Blood, barf, puss, scabs... whatever! he thinks it's interesting, not disgusting.
He is so empathic and sensitive that I am concerned he will bounce back whatever I'm giving off. could be good, could be bad..... I just worry that he'll amplify any pain.... i could see him being sooo concerned about me that it would make me feel like there is something to be scared about even if there's not. But he's generally got a very cool head in actuall emergencies and has been warned not to make freaked out faces when the baby emerges. (or he'll be in big trouble!) te hee

anna banana
I'm thinking David will be okay with everything. Though, when I do talk about him catching the baby and cutting the cord, his look doesn't tell me he's excited about it. I'll just keep talking about it, and hopefully he'll get used to the idea.
He's usually freaked by his own blood but not by others. But I know when I had my m/c, I wanted to show him the baby in the sac after it came out and he didn't want to look at it. Also, last week I found a beautiful picture of a healthy placenta I wanted to show him and he didn't really want to study it
Maybe when the time comes, he'll be so into it, that he really won't think it's that big of a deal.
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