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Weaned herself after Mom's reaction to biting!

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My sister just called to tell me that her DD (10 mths) has weaned herself! She bit my sister, hard and drew blood, 2 days ago and took her by complete surprise. Her automatic reaction was to roughly push my niece off and scream really loud, I think I probably would have had the same reaction if there was intense pain that I wasn't expecting. So, my niece decided to completely shun the boob completely, and never nursed again. Sister tried while she was sleeping/drowsy, extra hungry, lying down, standing up, 'ignoring' niece, lots of different things and the baby was stubborn and never latched on again. So sister will be pumping for a few months. That is a stubborn kid!
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Awe sounds like a strike- tell your sis not to feel too awful over her reaction- my first bit me real hard a few times & I jumped & yelped. I'm guessing your niece will go back to the boob soon.
Nursing strike. Look at kellymom for lots of good suggestions.

She needs to work to get the babe back to the breast.

Ugh. Poor mama! Poor baby!

Biting stinks. We had biting boot camp here a few weeks ago and it was very tough for both of us. We're now doing really well again, so encourage your sister to keep trying!

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so far 3+ days w/ no interest from baby at all. sister is pumping at about the same frequency as the feedings were before. she is taking it in a bottle now, and niece has also upped her solids from picky/next to nothing to lots of variety and quantity. this kiddo is extremely stubborn and independent, so i wouldn't be surprised if she never nurses again. she isn't even asking to nurse to sleep which she always did. we'll see!
In a strike like this sometimes mom really needs to work to get baby back to the breast.

If mom doesn't work at it, I have no doubt that baby will never nurse again.

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