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Well, today is the first day of weaning at 2.5 years. Let's just say it is hard.

My daughter was never able to night wean (probably I need to blame myself for not being stronger on this - it just always seemed easier to give in and fall back asleep than listen to her cry). She typically wakes up 10-20 a night. In 2.5 years, she has only once slept through the night. The past two nights that I refused to breastfeed her she only woke up about 5 times - a MAJOR improvement.

Unfortunately in our situation, night breastfeeding has resulted in really bad tooth decay. I brush her teeth every day (even though she screams) but it hasn't helped. Again, I blame myself. I should have cut off night feeding at a year, but I didn't and that weakness is going to cause her a lot of pain at the dentist.

As for day feeding, the pinching and scratching has only gotten worse - so based on all of the above I made the decision to stop.

How many days does it take them to stop asking? My daughter comes to me, pulls on my shirt and whines "please." Oh, it is so sad!!! I am hugging her and rocking her a lot so she feels less rejected.

I guess the hard part about weaning at 2.5 years is that they can express, to some extent, what they are thinking and feeling. I'm hoping that she only asks me for a few days, but I don't know. At this age, they don't forget things easily!
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