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This is my first time posting on the breastfeeding board, but I really want to talk about this. And I don't know who I would talk to irl.

My first daughter weaned at 3 1/2 pretty quickly after I got pregnant with my second daughter.

My second daughter, Eva, is now weaning at 3, and I am nine weeks pregnant.

Neither of them were the least bit interested in weaning until I got pregnant.

Well, I am so sick, that it Eva cutting *way* down has been a bit of a relief, but my husband just took both my daughters to his sister's wedding. I am literally too sick to go. I throw up just walking downstairs.

I have been pregnant or nursing for eight years. This will be my first night without at least one first night alone in 7+ years. Eva's first night without me.

I am so sad. I keep crying. I really keep crying when I think about someone else getting them ready for the wedding.

And, if all goes well, they are planning on staying four nights!!

Well, I still have the bun in the oven to keep me company

Just thought I'd vent to attached, nursing mamas. Thanks!
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