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Wearing the Twins

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I wanted to add this to a previous thread, but that thread has been closed. Here are pics of me using a wrap and a sling with both boys.

Two New Native Slings - boys are 8lbs

Maya Wrap - boys are 6.5lbs
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ot, but you're beautiful mama

i still haven't got the hang of two new native like slings. i just wrap. your pics have inspired me to try slinging again.........
(my 6 month olds are still 10 and 12lbs btw
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Way to go mama! Your beach pic makes me soooo has been so cold here in Ontario (Canada)...and it is a grey rainy day today so that definitely brought some sunshine
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I'm impressed. By the time mine were 8 pounds, I couldn't wear them both at once. I was so sick then and I just didn't have the strength, and I feel like I really missed out. Anyway, those are beautiful pictures. Way to go!
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Thank you all. You're so sweet. I looked and looked and looked for photos of moms wearing both babies and appreciated the ones I did see. It definitely helps to inspire, so I wanted to do the same. The beach pic was from this weekend. It was beautiful and the definitely the best way to get the them. Stroller...bahhh!!

Also, with a 3 1/2 year old in tow I need hands free or at least partially when I can.

Wear those babies mamas!
here I am with 2 babyhawks

beco on back and mei tai on front

and my husband with the Moby (they were much smaller)
Great pics! I've only been able to sling two a couple times. I'll have to upload the one pic I have.
Yay! And I finally can see you, obxbound! Previously I just pictured a beach.... (obx)!
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