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It took me an hour to write this post & it got killed somehow!

To summarize: Here's the link to the WebMD article that I'm talking about. I thought it would mention the benefits of breastfeeding, but it completely doesn't.

WebMD Article

OK-I'll edit to add:

I got their Diabetes Newsletter and it said:

Diabetes Risk for Millennium Babies
If your child was born in 2000, there's a one in three chance he or she eventually will develop type 2 diabetes -- maybe more. Luckily, there are things you can do now to prevent it.

So I thought it would talk about breastfeeding, but nope! So... I wrote them a letter:

I really appreciate the e-mail newsletters I get from WebMD, but I am disappointed that you completely missed the mark in today's issue of the Diabetes Newsletter!

The article entitled, "Year 2000 Babies High Risk for Diabetes" by Sid Kirchheimer & reviewed by Brunilda Nazario. Under the sub-heading of "Path to Prevention" you should be encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies! Nowhere does this article mention ways to prevent Type II diabetes in BABIES (which is the main topic of the article, no?). Certainly you aren't expecting a child under 4 years of age to lose weight and exercise more? While that may be great advice for adults, it doesn't provide much helpful information to parents of babies born in Year 2000 or later.

At the very least, you should have referred to the study by von Kries, R et al, "Breastfeeding and obesity: cross sectional study." BMJ 1999; 319:147-150 (July 17) which found that 4.5% of formula fed children are obese, while only 0.8% of breastfed children are.

That's more in line what I would have expected to see in this article! You even refer to the protective effect of breastfeeding in other WebMD articles. Even though your website is sponsored by formula makers, let's keep formula in it's proper perspective and enourage mothers to provide the normal nutrition for their babies - human milk.

THEN, I go looking for trouble & surprise I find it! There's another article that's even dumber....

WebMD Article 2

The guy quoted here obviously doesn't know what the AAP really says! Grrrrr...

I think I'm turning into an advocate!

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Nicely put.

I dislike WebMD for other reasons. Whenever I tried to research something there I ended up scaring myself to death. Lately I've been using Mayo Clinic's website and so far I vastly prefer it.
I've never looked up breastfeeding related issues, however. I wonder what their take is...guess I'll have to check and see!
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