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website for equipment?

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Hi,I wasn't sure where to post this. Do any of you know of a website that lists the "best" equipment for babies such as car seats? I want to have a list of good ones in hand when we go to look at them.

Thank you!
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Consumer Safety Reports are always a great place to start!

As far as what other parents think of various products, many online baby stores have a place to read how other parents rate certain products. That can be helpful!


The other day I was looking specificly for reviews for a product and I searched the product name and 'review' and was successful.

There's also a book called 'Baby Bargains' which has advice not only on specific brands, but whether the product is worth the time in the first place. Not a bible, but another good place to start.

Good luck!
Consumer Search is a valuable site. They offer summaries from many review sources, including consumer reports and online reviews. I've included a link to their family products directory, which includes car seats, high chairs, strollers, etc.
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