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Websites for Trading?

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This is kind of a strange scenario...but here's the deal. I need a swingset for my children and have no money at all to purchase one. I've put ads on freecycle and craigslist but nothing is panning out. we have a nice full drum set that i want to trade for a swing set. we can't "sell" the drum set because my husband feels the need to help someone out by giving it away...but he said trading it for a swing set would be alright (yes, yes ...weird i know) ...but my question is this: is there a local trading website? i can't really trade on ebay because the drums would cost $200 alone in shipping, which defeats the purpose of trading! is craigslist my best bet?? or do you mamas know of another place i can look too? thanks.
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Perhaps you could list your trade in your Tribal area?
quirky...brilliant idea. thank you!!!
Any local place with a community bulliten board. Our town building has one, the co-op etc. I would try there.
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