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Which websites do you find helpful in tracking the gestational development etc. of your baby? I found one but it is sponsored by Nestle so I refuse to go there.


Mamma to Adia Odeline, 5/00, Severin Stevenson, 10/01 (who both joined our family through adoption in 07/03), and baby #3, edd 7/17/04
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I used last time and again this time. They are owned by Johnson&Johnson. I'm sure Nestle advertises on the site, but I use AdAware, which blocks most advertising anyway so I don't see it.
I wouldn't be worried about the ads themselves so much as the advertisers influencing the content of the site.
This is one of the coolest I've found, someone here posted a link to it...
my kids like it too
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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