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wedding ring is getting tight

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I think I may have to stop wearing it soon. I take it off every night when I go to bed and noticed it's starting to leave a mark on my finger. It still comes off easily, but I'm worried about it getting stuck and needing to be cut off. Those of you that have BTDT, when did you have to stop wearing rings?
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I think last time for me it was about 6-7 months, and my hubby went and bought me a cheapo white gold band from Walmart so I'd still have something to wear! I'm glad to know I have a band to put on once mine don't fit so I don't feel "naked"! I'm just starting to marks occasionally right now, so hopefully they still fit for a while!
IDK, but I bought my wedding ring when I was 7 or so months pregnant, and its never fit since
I've actually had it fal off in bed a couple times...
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I gained a lot of weight with dd1 and used a "temp" ring from about 7 months until a few weeks after her birth. It was a ring dh had gotten for me years ago that had always been a bit too big so it was perfect.

With dd2 I didn't gain as much weight and I had less swelling so I never had to swap out my rings.

This time round I still have plenty of room but I keep an eye on it. It's better to take rings off sooner rather than later in order to avoid circulatory damage or the need to damage the ring during removal. You can find all sorts of neat rings in different price ranges (the temp ring I wore during dd1's pregnancy cost something like 15 dollars from a vendor at an SCA event) so you should be able to find something meaningful/pretty/affordable if you'd like a ring.
With DD1, I had to take it off around 4 months. I went without one and that was really funny. I live in a small town so people would look at you like, poor unwed pregnant girl and start talking. I kind of thought it was funny but with DD2, we went to a local craft fair and bought a simple silver band for $12. So, I have switched over to that already. I can usually put my wedding ring back on 6 - 12 weeks postpartum once I lose all the water weight....I have noticed that as it gets warmer I tend to retain more water and it gets tighter...
With ds, we moved to Atlanta when he was 6 months old and it was so humid there, and I was still 20lbs over my normal weight, and the ring got stuck. I would not have had it cut off, but the diamond fell off (!!!) and so it was just a sharp mess on my finger. We had insurance on the ring, but I actually found the diamond a week later!
I was especially bloaty my first trimester
, so I bought a cheap silver band a size up from my wedding ring and started wearing it. I decided to put my wedding ring away and just use the silver ring because I had a friend who had hers cut off, and I'm paranoid about it.
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With my first I had to take my ring off at 12 weeks!

I'm still wearing it now at 23 weeks, but it's definitely starting to get tight. Especially if it's gets above 70 degrees outside. I'm glad that I made it a lot further this time, though! We're definitely going to have to look for a replacement because I HATE the feeling of a bare hand.
Crashing fom Sept DDC - I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday. I'm wearing a different ring for the first time today - my wedding set was starting to hurt my knuckle when I took it off at night and was leaving a mark on my finger (warmer weather probably contributed to that) so I started wearing another ring DH gave me that usually fits my right hand (a size bigger.)

My friend quit wearing hers at about 8 weeks - she was having a hard time taking it off.
I don't remember when I couldn't wear my wedding ring with dd, but I know before she arrived I was ringless.
This time, I'm going pawn shop shopping! I haven't looked in years, but you used to be able to get actual 10 or 14K plain wedding bands from pawn shops for under $20. I'm sure that's a bit higher due to higher gold prices, but that's my first stop. They buff and shine them and make 'em look new!
I was able to wear my half size too big ring through both my pregnancies, but after I had #2 I finally sized it down as I'd been meaning to do for awhile. Unfortunately, I've gained weight since. I had to stop wearing my already-tight ring by 10 weeks. I went and bought a cheap band at Wal Mart in a huuuuuge size, and thank heaven becuase when I get puffy, it's actually tight
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I'm having a different problem with my weddings rings right now. They are white gold, and when I haven't had them dipped in about 6 months, the metal really starts to irritate my fingers. Itchy, bumpy eczema rash happens if I wear them too often after that point. And it's been WAY longer than that, but I've been busy and lazy and haven't made it to the store 1 1/2 hours away where they'll do it for free! There was a location much closer, but it closed 6 months ago. Aaargh.

But back to the thread, I did wear my rings all day yesterday and at 21 weeks they seemed to still fit just fine. A bit tighter than normal, but not too bad at all. It will be interesting to see if and when they swell up and my small size 5 1/2 rings don't fit anymore! It's funny...I have size 9 1/2 feet, but tiny little hands
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Mine is a little tight too. I tried to stick it out and leave it on as long as possible with DS1 and came dangerously close to having to have it cut off so I won't try that again. I plan on taking this one off pretty soon. I have a stand-in ring too, I didn't know that others did that!
Here I was thinking "why am I the only heffer who can no longer wear her ring" after seeing loads of preggos with their rings still on!
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With 1, 2 and 3 - I took it off around 5-or-7 months... this one, I just got fed up with it and took it off about 2 months ago... bad dry skin that caused chaffing and minor swelling... so I ditched it! LOL!
Hey there! I remember you from the TTC boards! Congrats on your LO-to-be!

Anywho, I had to take my rings off around 39 weeks, and I didn't have my baby until 42w1d. I wore them on a chain around my neck after that, and I was able to wear them again a few days after delivery. I took pics w/my cell phone of the swelling in my hands & feet, which wasn't severe, but bad enough that I noticed a huge difference after I got my normalcy back. Now my hands look so skinny compared to that LOL. It sucks not being able to wear them normally, I know, but you can at least wear them like a necklace. Good luck with everything & congrats again!
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You guys made me so nervous, topped with a friend who just had her baby and had to have her rings cut off, I am checking my rings regularly. I have antique rings and would hate to have them cut.

BTW a weird trick I learned from working at a jewelry store, Windex is one of the best things in the world to help get stuck rings off (to a point obviously), it works better then lotion or oil. No idea why but it works.
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