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Week of June 7

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October Mamas Roll Call

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AnnR33 10/31
guinnessinu 10/31 TWINS! BOY! and BOY!

Mornin' everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was really, really lazy. My physical stamina is in the toilet, and I know alot of that is due to not doing any regular exercise before this PG. I slept a LOT this weekend (thank you DH!) so I feel good today.

Question of the Week: are you having a baby shower?

I didn't have one with my first. We lived far from home and I left work halfway through my pregnancy to move out of state. I don't know that many people in our department, just my own little research group. I'd seen baby showers here before, and I was very uncomfortable with the idea of people I hardly knew buying me gifts, kwim? And now, with my second, I doubt we'll have one either. We have most of what we need already, and won't be back home among friends and family until I'm almost ready to pop, lol.

Have a great day, ladies!!
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greetings mama's! Hope all is well. Looks like our list of October mama's is growing strong! I love it! This Michigan weather is so wonderful! I dread heading back down to the sauna of Atlanta! Heading back up to the cottage Thursday. I'm starting to miss dh.

Piglet: I think we're at a point of major growth spurts (baby anyway) I felt a bit lethargic this weekend and I was a hungry hippo! No rest for the wicked though, we threw a big wedding shower for my sis at my mom's house and being the maid of honor, I was going non stop Thursday to Sunday! My belly is getting bigger and harder everyday. It's amazing. My stepdads friend who I hadn't seen in a few months ran up to me and lifted my shirt and yanked down the front of my yoga pants to reveal and rub my belly on saturday
It was vary funny. Luckily I have no problem with the worshipping of my goddess belly. The more rubs the better. It's good energy for the babe!

Anyone else having strong prophetic dreams? I have a history of having them from time to time, but with this pregnancy, I have them too much. It's wild!

much love mama's
MIles is turning 3 tomorow!
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I forgot to answer the QOTW in my ramblings: No we won't be accepting a baby shower. Wile preg. with Miles, we were thrown 2 baby showers and a bridal shower. I've been showered enough to last me a lifetime!
We had a lazy weekend as well. Stamina is ok ... I'm not up to running any marathons like Letia here
... but I'm able to keep up with the pace of everyday life pretty well.

QOTW: as far as I know, we won't be having a shower. I would like a blessingway though
I want my belly henna-ed and want to share some special time w/ my women friends before this baby is born. Has anyone had a blessingway before??

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

oh, btw ... we finally decided for sure, the baby's name is Noah Daniel.
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I am feeling like momadance....tired and hungry. Maybe this baby IS having a growth spurt. I did exercise a lot yesterday, so that may be part of why I feel soooo run down today. Lucy and I spent 5 hours outside yesterday at the playground, the park, and then taking a walk along the river at sunset. It was nice, but I really overdid it. I could barely walk when we got home! :LOL And of course, dd wanted me to cook her a big dinner and play blocks and color and such. It was tough.

QOTW: No, we're not having a shower. People still want to give us gifts, though...I have had several people ask what we need/want. My mom is going to buy me a glider and ottoman for nursing! And my in-laws want to do something, too. I think I am going to ask either for a silk brocade Zolo sling or some $$ for diaper-buying. I wouldn't mind having a Blessingway. My MIL would be great at hosting one, she loves that kind of stuff. Maybe dh could mention it to her...

I can't believe we are getting so close to our third trimesters!

Christine - I like Noah! It's a sweet name.
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Yay on the name, Christine! I love the name Noah!

Yeah, a blessingway would have been nice, but I had no circle of crunchy friends to do it with. I think it's a lovely idea.

lucysmama: your post reminded me, right before DD was born I got an ottoman and rocker from walmart for like $60 (it was on sale). It wasn't really ugly, either, lol. We were in temporary home and could not bring it with us when we moved, so wanted something cheap. I used it all the time when DD was small. I will get one when we get back home, I think. Though I might hit up a relative for a nicer one, lol! Anyways, if anyone wants a cheap rocker/glider ottoman set...check out WalMart!

Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling huge and lethargic. I agree, momadance, I think there is rapid growth going on. My sciatic nerve has been hurting lately, and my belly has been feeling very stretched out. I started dinner last night, and DH had to finish it. I'm glad he's so understanding. I notice when I start to overdo it, I feel it in my belly first of all. A tightening feeling. That is my cue to go sit down!
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hi ladies! happy monday!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

i can relate on the growth spurt thing... two weeks ago i was SOOOO hungry. all the time. it was amazing how much i *needed* to eat to not feel like i was starving. that spell lasted for a week. then last week, my eating went back to normal. i'm convinced sproglet had a growth spurt that week - the thumps from inside got stronger (i can see them from the outside now) and my tummy grew too.

QOTW: i don't know if i'm having a shower. my very good friend sort of said she wanted to arrange one, but we haven't talked about it more. i honestly don't know if i want one or not. i'm the first of my close friends to have a baby, so i've never even been to a baby shower, but somehow the idea of a shower for me sort of makes me feel funny and i'm not sure why. but i'd love to get together with my close friends! hmmmm... i really don't know!
oh, and are showers typically just women or do men come too? some of my very close friends don't have a uterus!
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Showers: Ya know, I think that's why I wasn't dissapointed about not having one when I was pregnant with Ethan. I'm just not comfortable with the idea of sitting in front of a bunch of people to open gifts. I also don't like how they tend to be only focused on the mom ... although I guess I contradict this with the desire to have a blessingway, which is even more "female-focused". I wish I could think of a more spiritual way to celebrate this pregnancy that would be more inclusive for DH and our male friends ... I dunno.

But to more directly answer your question, Flitters, I've seen some very nice "couple's showers" that seem to do a great job at including the dads and male friends.
I'd rather not have a baby shower (it's so embarrassing to open a lot of gifts in front of people!
), but I don't think I really have a say in the matter!
My mom's best friend is dying to throw a baby shower for me.

The "little guy" is definitely going through a growth spurt. The kicks are much more pronounced this past week and my belly looks a lot bigger, too. DH still hasn't been able to feel anything when he puts his hand on my belly. I feel sorry for him because he feels left out a bit.
I keep saying, "Put your hand here now! He's kicking like crazy!" And then the little guy stops moving for some reason.
I think we've got a naughty one on our hands....
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Oh, I have been having some crazy and intense dreams lately. Some are really frightening, but most are just rather strange and kooky. But they are coming on really strong, night after night. I suppose I should start a dream journal, but it's so hard to remember anything much about the dreams once I get out of bed.
I agree with you all about going through a growth spurt lately. My belly feels bigger and heavier to me, and I am much more run down by the end of the day. Where is that 2nd trimester spurt of energy? Where is my glow?
QOTW: I doubt anyone will be throwing us a baby shower, as I had one w/ Hannah and people (esp in the midwest) don't feel it is appropriate to "shower" for second children. I would LOVE a blessingway, but am not sure if any of my friends would get into it with me. I also have several other 1st time preg friends right now, who are receiving most of the public acclaim, fairly enough.
My $.02 on rocking chairs: I received a not-so-expensive rocker/glider at my first shower. I loved it and used it all the time. But the ottoman starting cracking w/in a few months, and the pad quickly compressed and fell apart. IMO you def get what you pay for with these chairs. My friend, who has a ritzy $$ model, absolutely loves hers and even after 3 years it is still nice and comfy and brand new looking. No squeaks, no cracks. We had to leave ours out at the curb for the garbage pick-up, because even the goodwill wouldn't accept it...and this was just after 14 months or so. I'm hoping that the baby shower fairy will bless us with a king bed and a super nice glider.
U/S appt is in just an hour. I'm getting pretty excited. I'm sure I'll be back to tell you all what we find out. Wish me luck!
Happy Birthday, Miles!
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Looks like I'm the only one so far who will definately be having a shower. Still, I know I'm not the only one...Letia, where are you...?

I'm not really big on making myself the center of attention and the idea of opening gifts in front of people makes me uneasy. Still, this is my first child so my aunt feels as though she MUST have a shower for me. It will be in August in conjunction with our annual family reunion. I'm sure that it will be way more traditional than I would necessarily choose for myself, but my aunt is planning it and its the thought that counts.

Besides, my husband and I got married last year very quietly, by ourselves. We didn't tell our families until AFTER the ceremony. So, I didn't get the usual engagement party, bridal shower, bachlorette party, big wedding, reception, etc...One of the reasons we sort of "eloped" was because I wanted to avoid all of the hoopla that is often associated with a wedding and I was really turned off on all of that after watching several friends get married recently. Really, they all made such spectacles of their weddings that it was utterly ridiculous! Anyhow, I think my aunt is even more determined to throw me a shower to "make up" for all of the showers and parties I missed out on last year by not having a traditional wedding.

Plus, (and I really hope this doesn't sound greedy!) money is tight right now for my husband and I so quite frankly, I'm looking forward to the shower because I know that we'll get some of the things we really need/want as gifts. It is not that I EXPECT gifts from people, just that I realize that realistically that is what happens at baby showers- people give you gifts.

On an unrelated note, I took my daycare kids to the pool this morning. My swimsuit from last year is getting a bit small! It is a two piece tankini and the top rides way up over my belly. I'll probably take the kids to the pool at least once a week all summer long, so I'm trying to decide if it is worth buying a maternity suit or if I should continue wearing the one I already have and just let it all hang out! I'm pretty picky and kind of hard to fit when it comes to swimsuits, so I dread the idea of having to buy another one. I looked at Motherhood Maternity over the weekend, but the store I was at had a VERY limited selection and I thought they were all ugly...would it really be all that obscene to just let my belly hang out of my regular suit all summer long...?
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19 weeks 3 days

I don't know if we are having a shower or not. If someone wants to give us one, we will certainly take it. I love getting all the cute, new little baby stuff. Lots of people around here have showers for 2nd and 3rd babies, so I do think some friends may do one, but nothing planned yet. We will see, I don't know. It also depends on where we live. We may move in July or Aug (depending on if DH gets a new job, which we are looking for), so that will affect it as well.

Plus, (and I really hope this doesn't sound greedy!) money is tight right now for my husband and I so quite frankly, I'm looking forward to the shower because I know that we'll get some of the things we really need/want as gifts. It is not that I EXPECT gifts from people, just that I realize that realistically that is what happens at baby showers- people give you gifts.
That is exactly what I was thinking as well. We could really use the gifts. If my hunches are correct and this is a boy, we will need all boy clothes (most of the little baby stuff dd had was girly). Plus, it will be the wrong season. This baby will be born going into the fall going into winter, while DD was born in winter, going into spring. Plus, I need diapers, since I didn't use cloth with dd until she was older. So, I am all about anyone giving me anything they want to. I am also sooo thankful that I have lots of friends who seem to be dome having kids and are just looking for someone to unload their diapers and clothes onto (I'll take them

I just took DD swimming today. It was so much fun. I wore a maternity bathing suit from Gap. I got it used off ebay, for like $20. It is a tankini style (which I think tends to be the most flattering on those of us not blessed with model figures). I think it looks a little funny on me, since my belly doesn't quite fill out all the material, but it does fill it out some. My regular swimsuit is too small. BTW, I have pretty large breasts, and it does seem to have pretty good breast support, so for those looking for a suit with good breast support, maybe check out the Gap.
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We had a very quiet weekend here on the shores of Lake Michigan. The weather was beautiful which was nice because today the humidity has picked up and will likely stay here until summer is over. Oh how I miss the west...

I can totally relate to growth spurts coming and going. I must have gained 3 or 4 pounds between visits the last time (I go every two weeks) and this time I'd only gained 1.5 pounds. I was so stinking hungry when I had that weight gain that 30 minutes after dinner I'd need to eat again. My belly is definitely stretching out and I walk around the house with my shirt lifted most of the time because I'm just so in awe of what's going on.

QOTW: I think I probably mentioned this earlier, but I'm guessing no shower for us. I have to agree with the others who said that it's a bit awkward sitting as the only one opening gifts. On the other hand, some little bitty part of me would love to have one, just to celebrate this change in our lives and to welcome these babies. We moved across country last year to a town where we know no one and both our families are now on opposite coasts. The same thing happened at our wedding - we lived in Utah, our wedding was in Illinois, my fam was in the DC area, and my husband's fam was in the Smokey Mountains area. Chalk it up to too much moving by generally shy folks.

Happy birthday to Miles! And Karin, I hope your u/s (with Marsha?) was great!

Have a good afternoon everyone and stay hydrated!
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19 weeks 1 day

I had a busy weekend. Saturday was spent on finishing up getting the house ready to show. It went on the market today and I'm hoping it will sell quickly. It's horrible having to keep it as neat as it is with a 20 month old around. On Sunday, we took Kieran to Sesame Place. A theme park for the little ones based around Sesame Street. He had a blast in the ball pit, seeing Elmo's World live, and even though it was overcast and kinda chilly he even went into the water.

Gretchen- we found out about the twins pretty early on. I went to my first Ob's appt. and I measured further along than I was supposed to be(I chart so I knew my date), so I was sent for an ultrasound to confirm the date.
To my surprise it was twins! Dh of course was absolutely thrilled! He's been saying that we were going to have a set of twins for years and just knew once we got the positive test that we were having twins. He says he gave his "boys" orders
Amy-I'm not sure what part of Seattle we are moving to yet. Dh's job is right downtown. His company is putting us up in temporary housing for 45 days until we get things sorted out. Hopefully we can find something fairly quickly and get moved in because I can't imagine having to resettle months down the road when I'm HUGE.

QOTW: No baby shower for us here. This is our second baby(although we did not have one for our first either). We had just moved from Canada down to NJ so people mostly sent gifts down. I hate being the center of that kind of attention anyway. This time we are moving out to Seattle. My parents did buy us another crib though.
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QOTW- Baby showers are done differently here, we have the shower after the baby I think I will probably have one as everyone will want to get together to see the baby, but no one has said for sure that they will be planning it so I don't know for sure until Oct. (or Nov.). I'm so glad that we do it this way as I'd feel very uncomfortable being the center of attention like some of you commented on...the baby will steal the show! We don't seem to recieve the same type of gifts that I hear about in the US with baby showers, no big ticket items...usually just outfits, etc. for the baby.

I can't believe how I am feeling so much pressure, round ligament pains, etc. already when I am walking...I mean, just walking up the street, not far or anything :LOL I don't recall this until near the end last time! So I am taking it pretty easy, even though I feel pretty lazy for it!

FutureMama- On one hand I'd say go for it and where your original bikini...on the other it may end up getting streched out and be no good for you next
year (like my underwear that I wore through my last pregnancy :LOL). I bought a cheap bigger sized bathing suit and it worked fine (I was due in Nov. then) this time I don't think I'd get away with it! So my theory is that if you might end up having to by one again for a future pregnancy, you might as well get the most for your money and get it this time, I feel silly having to buy one this summer when I don't plan on using it again
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Oh and
Happy birthday Miles!

And Bluehalo- Noah Daniel is a very nice pick
Ethan and Noah sound awesome together!
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Hi all! All I want to do is eat and sleep. I'm not even hungry and still I want to eat. I doubt I'm getting a shower this time, seeing as I have no family nearby and no close friends yet (I'm a transplant here). I feel like I've had my share of showers in the past though. We only need (or want) about 4 seat, dresser for the baby stuff, a rocker recliner, and a new sling. We've got tons of clothes and blankets and I'm sure will recieve tons more from the gramas, but I'd really just like $ donations
- but will never say that.

I'm just marking time waiting for the pools to open next week. Ds is asking about going swimming everyday. Oh, ds has found a baby doll that I had for some reason, and has adopted it. He feeds her, holds her, and last night was rocking her while singing twinkle twinkle little star. He's very loving towards the baby doll which really makes me feel good - that maybe, just maybe he'll like the real baby when it gets here.

All this talk about Michigan makes me want to come hang out at the lake too! Dh was born there and is always telling me how beautiful Lake Michigan is and that we need to go there someday.

Take care everyone!
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Can I just say it makes me SO HAPPY that everyone else is feeling big and hungry and tired, too!
I was being really hard on myself for being so hungry and tired all the time this early in the pregnancy. Now I realize this is a normal phase we are all going through!

Dd has a dolly she mommies, too. She breastfeeds her Baby Ella, she sings to her, she puts her to bed, changes her diapers, etc...she always tells me, "I'm a good mommy to my baby Ella!" It's so sweet.
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Ok! :LOL I *thought* about it...but then I forgot. Maybe I was trying to get a rent freeze. $150 for month to month I don't *think* so! We just need to stay here to give birth and get the six week and we need to jet! Or, I was shopping the Penneys sale for shorts!

Well! I didn't go to the gym today. Two service Sundays wear me slam out sometimes and I can't get it together to go on some Mondays. Good thing. Bout the time class woulda started I had diarrhea.
I thought about the PTL list in my packet after Friday's episode and thought I was having it!
: I laid on my left side and drank until I got hungry again and that water made me mad. I'm glad I didn't go.Tomorrow either since the mostly pilates chick is teaching yogalates and I probably shouldn't do kickboxing instead these days.

QOTW..... Well.....I guess I'm just shallow!
: I look *forward* to the parties! I have even thought about what outfit I'm gonna wear! I
being the center of attention. I'm really not like *that* tho...thinking of my mil at my bridal brunch!
Its a *really* big deal in NC. Mama has been talking about it and wanted to give me one. I thougth I read during my wedding it was not good etiquette. She said that her former assistant principal will give me one. (she gave me a bridal shower) She was just out of the country and as soon as she heard she would. She wants a real fancy one at the house. *Big* deal! She's mad tho b/c I'm not having a u/s.
: She said I need to have one so we can know pink or blue. She told me about some folks at church who already know and have named the baby. She told me about the women in her Sunday School class who are going to knit booties and crochet blankets when they know the sex.
I will be having at least three. The women at *my* church, who have been planning since I told, and *maybe* if they've forgiven me for ducking out of *their* showers b/c I was dealing with the death of my *own* child and the last one was the year anniversary of Jordan's death, the women I work out with. That leaves a few girls and sil wanted to come to a shower and these women aren't a part of these groups, so we talked about having lunch somewhere nice and a cake. I also would *love* for folks to get my stash for me. I mean its wonderful! I had *wonderfully* generous folks at our wedding. I couldnt have even fathomed getting all that stuff! And some of the teachers will probably go in together for some big ticket things, so that's not taboo here. Well, now that everybody thinks I'm shallow,
: I'll be leaving now. :LOL

I think the baby must have been stunned b/c of all the sound at church for the first time or so. :LOL Veeeeeeeeery still....then when we got home...movin and groovin. Dh was reaaaaaaaaally wanting to feel the baby. He practically *laid* on me last Sunday at mamas tryin to feel. Then the baby would
move somewhere else. :LOL Mama said the baby will move away from the pressure dh was applying to my belly. Well, when we got home I felt it and I yelled for him and he did!
He's a happy man!

OH! Well, one of the mothers of the church has weighed in on the baby! I walked into her house and she looked at me and said my, its gone into your chest! :LOL I said yep, all 42E of it! Her son asked if it was a boy or girl and I asked her and she said I was carrying high, so its a girl. (course my friend said she carried her ds high and her dd low :LOL) We were leaving and her daughter turned around and laughed b/c she was still lookin at me! :LOL I told her when the milk comes in I'll be an F! :LOL She was like
. I thought it was hilarious.

Well....I ate like a hog yesterday! Even out ate dh! :LOL He was sayin he couldn't fit dessert and he looked at me and I had eaten it. :LOL And had the *nerve* not to work out today.
Then Pastor had to leave and I did the entire worship set!
Didn't he know I was so full I couldn't breathe!!!!

Well, I think that's about it!
I'll catchyall later!
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Thanks for the warm wishes for Miles. I can't beleive he's already 3!

Flitters, we had a "baby bar b Q" for one of our showers. All of our friends at the time were single, and we are the first to have a baby. The men out numbered the women, and beer and food were flowing, as well as great music. We just hung out, played frisbee and hackysack, and towards the end Dh and I opened gifts together. Very non-traditional "baby shower" and totally cool. Basically a huge party in honor of our love muffin!

GLiders rule, and Noah Daniel is THE perfect boy name. Just beautiful!

I went to Old Navy today and scored a super cute halter topped maternity sun dress for 14.99! Lots of stuff on clearence. Even swim suits! Super flattering as well.

I'm so homesick I could :puke I miss my man!
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