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Has anyone experienced this?<br><br>
My 2yo has a few weeklong visits with her dad coming up, nothing I can do to change them, nor can I afford to go with to be nearby. She's gone 4 days before, and though I pumped 3x a day I just don't get much by pump anymore (and I was recovering from the flu) and my supply definitely dwindled. Also, I don't have much milk to send with her, since the pumping doesn't go well anymore (get 1/2 oz to 2 oz in a half hour of pumping/hand expression...).<br><br>
So my plan is just do my best, pump what I can, send what I can. I'm fairly confident that she'll want to nurse as soon as she sees me again, she's no where near weaning. My big worries about losing my milk (but she should be able to nurse my supply back up, right?) and her getting dehydrated, as she reverse cycles and isn't used to drinking much but water (I am a ft student so she spends 3.5 daytimes a week at my mom's).<br><br>
Need some reassurance...and experience...thanks!
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