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weekly appointments?

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Am I the only one who now has to go twice a week for appointments?

I have to go every tuesday for biophysical ultrasounds, and every Friday for nst's.

Oh joy oh joy....wouldnt be soo bad if we still lived close....well we are not a half an hour away.....grrrrr.

Please tell me Im not the only one with a freaky over attentive dr?
Oh..and Im about 31 weeks along
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Whoa! Are you having problems, or is that your dr's standard care? I'm 29 weeks and just starting to go every other week for a routine "hi, how are you, tape measure on the belly, listen to the heartbeat, any questions?" visit. I won't have a biophysical/nst unless I go to 41+ weeks, or there's some sign that something's up. Even last pg, when I was with more medically-minded midwives who worked within an ob practice, there was nothing like you're describing.

Besides any concerns about the safety of so many u/ss, I'd be worried that a dr who's looking so hard for trouble is likely to find it (even when it's not actually there).
Yeah, your doctor is up to something.
I start going to twice monthly usual style checkups after next weeks visit. I'm with a lay m/w this time, but it was the same with the OB I had with DS.
I never had an NST with DS until we started having pre-term labor issues. And, I never had a BioPhysical Profile at all because she didn't let me go overdue... normally you only have BPPs if you're overdue or there's some other indication.

I'll have to start going once a week at 36 weeks this time and it was the same last time.
I go weekly starting this week. I'm also 31 weeks.
Wow. I have a pretty hefty blood clotting disorder and even I don't have to go that often! I'm see'ing my ob every two weeks with weekly non stress tests starting at 32 weeks and an u/s every month.
I just had my 28-week visit, and will be going every 2 weeks for the next month, then once a week starting at 32 weeks, until I deliver. No biophysicals sdone routinely here, only if something seems to be amiss...

With DS I only had one biophysical, when I was admitted to the hospital for observation for sky-high BP....I went into labor on my own at 3am after being admitted.

I would definitely ask them exactly why they feel it's necessary for you to come in twice a week - that would be not only annoying, but inconvenient and uncomfortable unless there is a really, really compelling reason to have all that testing done.
Are you having any problems? That would really reallly make me question my doctor. I am 31 weeks and haven't even started going every 2 weeks.
Like others have said, seems a bit much to me. I'm 29 weeks & after my appointment next week I'll be going every other week. I'll be having all the tests you mention, but only because I had some bleeding & contractions twice this past weekend. If your pregnancy has been going normally, there is no reason for ultrasounds, biophysical profiles, etc. With my first I didn't even have an ultrasound at all & no vaginal exams either. Everything was normal. Why?

I'd just ask your care provider why. If you don't like the answers, you can always switch providers.

I'm also going every week until I deliver. My due date is June 9th. However, I tested positive for Down Sydrome. Ended up seeing a specialist and everything turned out fine but my doctor said that because I did test positive they would monitor me and the baby closely until he's born. I'll be having an ultrasound every visit until baby Zachary makes his way into the world.... Kinda excited about seeing my baby every week... But... Unless your having problems or at some point had problems with this pregnancy I would say it's not normal to go that often.
Twice weekly administration of NST and biophysical profiles is the best standard of care if you are having a high risk pregnancy. If they do it only once a week or every other week, the chances are high that a problem could occur between those visits. The research shows that they are only predictive of fetal well-being for five days. The predictive value is nil for 7-14 days. I know this strange info because I will be starting this routine for a blood clotting disorder at 32 weeks.
Sounds like bonbon's got the info on high risk pg, but if you're *not* high risk for one reason or another, then sorry, but I think you do have a "freaky over attentive dr" in your words.

Standard care for regular pg (at least this has been my experience with my three (with 3 different OBS) and the same for my friends and this pg now that I have a MW) is once a month to 32 weeks, every other week meaning at 34 weeks and then once a week from 36-40 weeks.

As far as the BPP and NST, again with a "normal" pg - those don't usually happen until after 36 weeks IME.
Also, those guidelines for the standard of care in a normal pg are just that - guidelines. You can go whenever you want to go, you do not have to agree to every appt.

There is no way I would be going to the doc to have my fundus measured and my body weighed and pee on the stick every week from 36-40 if I have a normal pg. What a waste of time. But, then again I don't do internal exams or U/S either.
My remaining appointment schedule goes 30 weeks (just had that), 33 weeks, 36 weeks, 38, 40, and then weekly if I go past that. That's with a low-risk pregnancy under mw care. They don't start referring for NSTs or biophysical profiles unless a problem is indicated or things are heading post-dates. I'd say your doc is being pretty aggressive unless you've had past complications that indicate close monitoring. Refuse or switch care if you disagree with them.

Originally Posted by ladybugamber
Kinda excited about seeing my baby every week... But...
I know exactly what you mean. My sis had 1 u/s and I can't imagine only seeing the babes once. It is so nice. But then again, it woul dbe nice to have a normal, routine pregnancy where they don't feel there is any need for such constant monitoring. Also, I wouldn't miss the internal u/s to check my cervix. Blech!
Is there something going on that makes your doctor think you should be in a high risk category? Because that sounds like high risk care to me.

With my first pregnancy, and with this one, the schedule has been:
-once a month until 7.5-8 months
-twice a week until month 9
-once a week during the last month

No biophysicals, unless that's another word for listening to the baby's heartbeat. No NSTs. I go in, get a weight check, she listens to the baby's heart, feels for his position, checks my BP, and we talk about how things are going with my pregnancy, with life in general, anything I might have questions about, etc. That's it.
I agree with the others. I'm 29 weeks and have been doing every two weeks for about a month now. In another month or so, it'll go to once a week.
I agree with many of the PP's. I am 30 weeks and after next week's visit I'll start going every other week. Although, it all seems a bit useless. My OB asks how much i weigh and then asks if I have any problems. We hear the heartbeat and go home. She sees me for about 5-10 minutes and for that I wait about 1 - 11/2 hours! Her practice is super busy and they seem to overbook. I have discussed this with her and she has a bunch of exscuses. it's a nightmare to sit there with DD for that long!
IIRC the "reason" for going more often toward the end is really for the urine checks to make sure you're not spilling protein or showing other signs of preeclampsia like high BP.
I guess that I should have mentioned tht I do have high blood pressure (although Im on meds and its really low right now) , am overweight...and did have movement issues with my first one (she barely ever moved). Soo Im sure that is why the close dr is high risk involved thats for sure. I did also have a day last week when he barely moved and mentioned that soooo thats probably the reason. I know the meds Im on is one reason to monitor...and just the blood pressure itself can cause problems....glad to hear that the monitoring results only lasts soo long so thats why its so often...thanks for the info!
I only go once a month until I'm 36 weeks and then I go once a week until the birth. I actually kind of wish I went more! I look forward to the appointments and love to hear the heartbeat. I'm also dying of curiosity to know the position of the baby since my first was breech and I find it so hard to know for sure what position this baby is in!
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