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~Weekly *Chat* Dec 8th - 14th~

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Sorry I didn't start this thread last week. How is everyone doing? My weekly book said I'm 'officially' 3rd tri now
: I can't believe how fast this it's all flying by!!!!

I met with a new doctor last week, it was only meet, wasn't officially changing docs yet but I'm trying to do that today. It was such a breath of fresh air talking to her, felt like I wasn't fighting over every single detail.

She's very natural friendly and has a c-section rate almost half of my other doctor. She also pretty much said that what the hospital's policy is of no food/drink but I should 'research' that on my own. Plus IV isn't automatically required like with my other doc and she really encourages women to move around in labor

So I called today to see what I needed to do about changing care to hers, the receptionist told me they're completely booked until January. I couldn't even make an appt yet until the she cleared my insurance. I still have my appt scheduled with my other doc for Weds and I'm supposed to take the glucose/beta group at that point. If I can't make an appt until at least January I'll be at least 31 weeks by then. I'm sure the wait is because I'm considered a new patient and the holidays but it's still frustrating.

So enough about me, how is everyone else doing?
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I'm doing okay. A little neurotic, really.
I was out holiday shopping on saturday when I felt a searing pain in the upper-right side of my belly. I have no clue what it was.. it felt like a side stitch or a bad cramp. It lasted about 10 minutes and then went away as suddenly as it came.
The last two days baby Kate hasn't been moving as much as she usually does, but when I do feel kicks they're in a different spot that she normally is so I think she's just migrated into a different position. I'm hoping that searing pain is nothing to worry about, since I don't think my uterus is quite that high yet where I was feeling it. I also hope baby Kate gets a little more motivation to kick today before I have a panic attack.
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lila2801- Hope you get to switch docs! It sounds like it would be a positive move for you. I think I officially hit the 3rd trimester mark tomorrow- seems like the time is flying right on by.

birthangel doula- My baby is in a funny spot too- and the movements have been a lot different. The pain in the upper right- could it be where your gallbladder is? With my second pregnancy I got a shooting pain in my gallbladder if I ate anything very spicy or greasy. It wasn't a full gallbladder attack- just a warning that my body wasn't very happy. I haven't had that this time, but at my last MW appointment she was feeling my belly and I had a really tender spot near the top of my fundus. I have no idea what it was, but she moved on and when she came back to investigate it a couple minutes later, it wasn't tender at all.

I'm actually doing really well lately. This week will be a busy one for me, but after that things will ease up a bit. I am surrounded by far too many sweets for my own good, though. I'm trying not to indulge, and so far I have held out pretty successfully, but there are still several weeks to go until the new year, when people start thinking healthier!
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I called today and setup the appt with my new doc. I'll see my current provider for my glucose test this week and then will get all my records transferred.

birthangeldoula - I've had a couple of those, they usually don't last long for me though maybe 5 minutes. I had to stop and focus on my breathing with the last one until it went away.

G&B'sMama - I've been trying to eat healthy as well and it's just so hard with treats out everywhere.
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I always have trouble resisting chocolate and cookies. I'm trying not to go too crazy, but let myself have some treats here and there.

I went to my first prenatal yoga class this past Sunday. It was great. It was so nice to focus on myself and the baby. I have so much going on in my head all the time these days with stress from the holidays, my dh's family and ds1s birthday (party, no party, all the kids in his class!? where? etc). I'm hoping to go to yoga again tomorrow evening, but not sure if I can work it out. I have a friend who has to have a c-section despite everything that she did to try and avoid it. She is having it on Thursday and we are meeting after we pick up our boys from school tomorrow. If I can spend some time with her to help keep her occupied and positive and then get the boys to my folks house and make it to yoga on time, I will. We shall see.
Over the weekend my DP and I went to an awesome workshop with the filmaker of Birth As We Know It. It is my second time attending the workshop. Just being in the Birthing Field is awesome! I feel the best I have felt my entire pregnancy. And I was reminded that I can do this. My body was meant to give birth naturally and with ease. And there was so much positive reinforcement from the group.

I'm really busy with work this week. We are shooting and educational video on Sexual Wellness during pregnancy next week, so there is a lot of preparation going on with that.

The baby is kicking like crazy and my DP got to feel the popcorn that happens at night before I go to sleep. He loves it. He's running himself like crazy, re-modeling a house for us, helping with my shoot, and gearing up for a week in OHIO with our families!

So much is going on!
marieangela how did you like the prenatal yoga class? Would I be in trouble if I haven't done yoga for years and started doing it now? I'd been thinking about taking one.
lila2801-I really loved the prenatal yoga class and I'm going again tonight with a different teacher. I haven't done any yoga since I went to mommy and me yoga classes when my 3 year old was a baby. I'm rather flexible, though, and it came back to me well. It was really great to slow down my body and my brain and focus on myself and the baby. That is so hard for me to without a class and an instructor. I think you should go for it!
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