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weekly meals ~ i still need saturday & sunday

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we've started planning out weekly meals, to simplify a bit... here's what we have so far:

monday - fish + green beans (this can be anything fishy - scallops, fish sticks, whatever, with green beans)
tuesday - spaghetti and garlic bread
wednesday - spinach salad (my spinach salads are decadent creations with every veggie under the sun, plus hard-boiled eggs and cheese and etc)
thursday - breakfast-for-dinner night
friday - chicken and fruit (like monday ~ anything chickeny, like chicken breasts or chicken casserole or chicken salad or chicken nuggets, etc., with fruit)

but sat and sun??! (help?)

fwiw i work monday through sunday, i'm off tuesdays and thursdays.
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when i want something easy, it is usually sloppy joes, baked potato fries and mac salad night.
thanks for the suggestions.

mostly i'm trying to think of quick, easy, fairly cheap yet healthy meals that we can make every saturday / sunday... since i work those days i don't generally feel like coming home and really *cooking* cooking, you know?

and i think i'd get tired of pizza every weekend.

the macaroni salad is a good idea though. it's easy enough to throw together a night or two in advance and pretty cheap when the stuff for it is on sale.

any other suggestions?
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Make your own burrito night?
Turkey burgers?
Chili and cornbread?
mmm chili and cornbread might be a good one.
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Fajhita or taco night? Have different veggies, meats, beans, cheeses...everyone assembles their own.

Soup/stew/chili and bread night? These can be made ahead and freeze really well.

Both of those you could mix up so you wouldn't be having the same things all the time.
Egg night? We often have one of those and we do things like omelets, souffles, frittata (frittati?), eggs baked in corned beef hash, egg burritos. . . .
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