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Questions are optional! Just say what's on your mind if you want.

Weeks/Days along:
Body changes and other milestones:

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Name: Cloud
Weeks/Days along: 8 weeks tomorrow
Appointments: Had one last Thursday. Next one is at 10 weeks.
Symptoms: Fatigue, sensitive smell, peeing ALL the time the last couple days, insomnia, not sleeping well, weird busy dreams that tire me out, nausea got a little worse yesterday, calves/feet starting tingling yesterday just from having my legs crossed at the knees at the computer (happened multiple times) and then this morning I woke up and my whole right arm from the elbow down was completely asleep. I was resting my head there, so it wasn't a random occurrence, but I sleep like that often and normal don't end up completely numb.
Food: I've been doing all right. I got stuck at home all weekend without a car before I could go shopping, so I had to make do with what we had around the house. I actually cooked a couple things, but I'm glad to have fresh fruit and veggies now after a store run yesterday!
Exercise: I walked around the mall a whole bunch one day...otherwise, I missed my yoga class for lack of a car. I feel bad because I'll miss it this week, too.
Body changes and other milestones: I've actually lost a total of a pound over the last two weeks, so I'm less concerned now about how I gained five right away. I think it was mostly breasts and bloating, and things are evening out now.
Thoughts: I need to get some sleep. Some real, sound sleep. I can't stand these dreams! They go on all night, usually the same one all night, and I'm BUSY the whole time, and they're complicated, and I just wake up tired. I'm starting to get up more than once a night to pee, which doesn't help, because usually I end up half awake and still dreaming for a long time before I actually realize I need to get up. I felt so good when I woke up on Friday morning and hadn't gotten up at all, even though I hadn't slept that long I felt rested and refreshed. I felt wonderful all day and even got a bunch of chores done.

Yesterday was the first time I really thought I might throw up. I didn't, but the nausea seemed to suddenly decide to act serious. It still goes away temporarily if I eat, though, so it's manageable.

I'm thinking I need to start working harder on the exercise thing because that might help wear me out to sleep better. Either that or just go back to napping during the day. I've managed not to nap since Thursday, which I'm proud of, but I also haven't slept well at night.

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Name: Amy

Weeks/Days along: 4 wks 0days

Appointments: I went for blood work today and will go again wednesday. Since I just had a miscarriage I'm getting an early ultra sound on May 7.

Symptoms: Tired and hungry!!


Exercise: I do the Wii Fit and enjoy walking. The weather is bad now, though, and I'm kind of tired for wii fit.

Body changes and other milestones: Nothing yet. I always look about four months pregnant, LOL, so....

Thoughts: I'm SOOO happy
: to be pregnant again. I'm nervous but trying to be optimistic.

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Name: Helen
Weeks/Days along: 5 + 2
Appointments: GP knows I'm up the duff, has booked my scan. That's it.
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure. Swollen labia. Varicose veins. Haemorrhoids. Let's get the TMI train rolling here, huh?
Oh, and that's it. No nausea, food aversion, very little tiredness.
Food: Yes. I'm making an effort to eat healthily since I found out about the pregnancy and so far I'm sticking to it.
Exercise: Chasing kids and wii fit. Mostly chasing kids.
Body changes and other milestones: Nothing pregnancy related, but I turn 32 tomorrow. Oh, and I have another grey hair
Thoughts: I'm getting more used to the idea of another baby, less resentful of putting my plans for retraining on hold, and I'm more comfortable with the idea that I have to do whatever it takes to look after my Self during the next two years or so of motherhood- and in particular, to ask for input from my family and friends rather than getting burnt out. I've had some really special days with the kids in the last week, and I can see that we can make room in our lives for our little anarchist... so I'm getting excited.

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Ok, here it goes...

Name: Christine
Weeks/Days along: 5 wks 2 ds
Appointments: None yet, I have my first appointment with the mw on 5/1.
Symptoms: Stomach cramps but no real nausea yet. Slightly sore boobs, going to the bathroom a lot. I don't have food aversions. I think I am getting a little more emotional than usual.
Food: Had a craving for sausage with honey mustard yesterday. I still don't feel like cooking, even though I usually love to cook. I try to eat well and stay clear of the chocolate

Exercise: I go for walks. It's so nice outside!
Thoughts: Dang, I have a math test on Wednesday! Had a flat tire today
I'm excited, but am still nervous about telling the family about the little bean. Still waiting for the right moment, I guess. I'm hoping for more symptoms but dread the nausea. I hate puking. And I really don't know what to expect, since I have never done this before

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Hi! This is my first time joining in on the chat in this DDC!

Got a bunch of herbs today and for some reason it makes me so happy. It feels good to do something nourishing and good for me and the impending baby.

Weeks/Days along: I'm not sure if I'm counting right. Starting from LMP, right? If so, I'm 5w today. Just took the test a week ago so it feels strange to say 5 weeks!

Appointments: None. Probably will call a mw at the end of the 1st tri. if this one sticks around. Contemplating going to an OB office just for a "reassuring" ultrasound but may skip it.

Symptoms: Overall feeling GREAT, much better than I normally do!
Some all-day nausea, but some days none. Sometimes I get shaky, but it doesn't seem like low blood sugar. I have sore boobs but that usually happens the last half of my cycle anyway. If I hadn't not gotten my period I would probably not know I was pregnant just based on symptoms!

Food: Actually I'm eating way better than usual. I think it's because my long-entrenched desire for coffee dried up as soon as I took the test. Off caffeine, I am having minimal to no sugar cravings and my overall diet has been much better! And super thirsty!

Exercise: chasing kids. Long walks when it's nice out- but since my 2 have outgrown the stroller, I have to walk at 3 yr old pace which is slllllllooooooooowwwwwwww and it's not as much as a workout for me. Hope to start riding my bike a lot more now that Dh fixed it for me.

Body changes and other milestones: none really.

Thoughts: Incredulous that I'm in a due date club again.

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Name: OMnM
Weeks/Days along: 4w4d
Appointments: none
Symptoms: none!! My m/s is gone (love b6) and I'm not tired. I have motivation back to do things. If I didn't know better I would think I wasn't actually. 4 tests don't lie though.

Food: Sure.
I'm eating but it's rather, no aversions or cravings. Drinks though....thats different.

Exercise: Same as before.

Body changes and other milestones: Bloat is gone!
I took a pic 4 days ago and it was BAD. Today though I look totally normal. It's nice.
Thoughts: I think my depression is kicking in already. I know there is some appeal to knowing you're pregnant early but not for me. I like my stage of ignorant bliss.
I'm trying to stay busy in hopes of avoiding it. I know it's there but if I'm busy I can't focus and dwell on it. That's what gets me usually. I did have a couple tough days, especially since DH was telling me he's been caught very off guard by this pregnancy (he adores it and wants loads of babies so this was off for him). I made a pair of newborn longies yesterday and that helped keep things at bay. Nothing like a bit of motivation to suck it up.

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Name: Cynthia

Weeks/Days along: 6w2d

Appointments: None so far. We're planning to move out of the province in a week (and then to another province in the fall - phew!), so I told my doctor today and she said to set up an appt after we move when I'm about 10 weeks along.

Symptoms: Slightly more tired and hungry than usual. Occasional moments of mild nausea, particularly when driving or eating something that my stomach disagrees with. Slightly tender breasts. So in short - not much of anything so far.

Food: Only mildly more hungry than usual and with some slight food aversions (my breakfast cereal made me gag this morning).

Exercise: Chasing my 2 year old around the house. Packing our entire house to move in a week. Long walks in the evening (when it's not raining).

Body changes and other milestones: Just bloating, mostly. No milestones to speak of, other than getting this far.
Still nursing my toddler without much discomfort.

Thoughts: I can't wait to hear the heartbeat. I'll feel 1000 times better once I hear that beautiful sound. In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me occupied with the upcoming move.

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Name: Dawn

Weeks/Days along: 7 weeks 6 days (8 weeks tomorrow

Appointments: next appt: n/t screen on May 18 followed by OB visit

Symptoms: huge swollen sore boobs, bloated, gas, woozy/queasy off and on, cravings, smell aversions, moody, tired

Food: for the first time ever I am craving sweets, I try my best to abstain from eating total crap, but yeah, Cold Stone Creamery Cheesecake Fantasy is my weakness. I crave cherry taffy, blueberry or cranberry muffins. I try to choose healthy alternatives, but the only real healthy foods I want are strawberries and grapes, I can eat them both by the pound!! I am not thrilled with craving these things since I am already starting this pregnancy overweight (153 at 5' 2") and I have always struggled with body image issues so I am nervous.

Exercise: I took my youngest DS for a long walk in the bike trailer yesterday, it was more for my mental health than anything else though.

Body changes and other milestones: highly unattractive belly bloat, suddenly oily hair, constant gas

Thoughts: I have a lot to think about. I think what freaks me out the most is that no matter what happens, I am scared of it. So how do you deal with that? When every single possible outcome scares the crap out of you?

Plus right now there are more questions than answers about this baby's health. I had an abnormally high hCG level, higher than normal for twins, but only one baby on u/s. I have an asymptomatic subchorionic bleed between my cervix and amniotic sac. My progesterone isn't high enough (19 at 7 weeks 1 day), but if I take my suppositories nightly as prescribed, I become inconsolably depressed, unable to function. Today I just found out that my parvo titer came back + indicating, apparently, a past or recent infection -- who even knows what that means. Certainly not my nurse, nor myself (also a nurse). So yeah. How do you deal with all the unknowns? Do I take the progesterone and make myself and everyone around me miserable to possibly prolong a pregnancy that may or may not even be healthy?? I don't know what to do. Right now DP and I have decided to leave it all up to Divine Discretion. Because I am so lost, and he doesn't know what to do or say or think about any of it. I pray a lot. Not for one thing or another, but just for peace with it all and whatever comes. Because I am so scared.

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Name: speculaa
Weeks/Days along: 5wks+5 (I'm guessing based on HcG test early last week)
Appointments: None so far, shoppping for a private midwife at the moment. Deciding whether to get a 12wk ultrasound referral for my peace of mind.
Symptoms: a little gas, painful nipples on and off, afternoon nausea, zits all over my chin, snail trail from hell
Food: Normal stuff, craving barley and corn. Sweets, naughty me.
Exercise: None
Really should get on that.
Body changes and other milestones: None really, besides bumps on my nipples and blue veins more visible in thighs and boobs.
Thoughts: This is going to be a looooong pregnancy. I want to start buying baby things but superstition prevents me from doing so until the 4th month!

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Name: Amanda
Weeks/Days along: 5wk 5d
Appointments: Midwife interview on Thursday. I'm excited and a little nervous. This will be my first homebirth, although DS2 was actually born in my doula's car just outside the ER of the hospital I was planning to deliver at.
Symptoms: Hungry ALL THE TIME! And mostly craving junk
Food: See above. I swear it wasn't like this with my last two pregnancies.
Exercise: Yoga, chasing kiddos.
Body changes and other milestones: already gaining some weight, although I'm sure it's mostly water weight right now.
Thoughts: Kinda all over the place. Very tired. Hungry all the time. Worried about gaining weight and beating myself up for worrying about it because I know it's not a big deal. My little one just weaned which is exciting and a little sad all at the same time. I think this will feel more real once I've hired a midwife and once the m/s kicks in.

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Name: Julie!
Weeks/Days along: 7 w, almost 3 days. Whee!
Appointments: None since last week, and no more until 10 wks
Symptoms: Still bone-crushingly fatigued. A little moody, and super sensitive to smells. The smell of garlic is killing me! Garlic! I love garlic. Hm. Not anymore, I guess. Oh, and still really thirsty and peeing a lot. Not a symptom that's likely to go away any time soon, I reckon...
Food: Not really digging sweets, but nothing too crazy.
Exercise: I borrowed a prenatal pilates video from the library (I've never done pilates before in my life), and it was terrible. One of the exercises required a wooden dowel! Is that normal?! I promptly returned it and picked up a yoga video instead which I plan on starting, uh, tomorrow...
Body changes and other milestones: Bloaty. That's all really. My pants still fit and all that. Actually, my tight, "skinny" pants don't fit without much discomfort, so I'm living in yoga pants, and my slightly bigger pants. All is well.
Thoughts: Hm. Just impatiently waiting to hear that heartbeat at my next mw appt. I am dying to knit some things up for this babe (my first winter baby!), but refuse to until I hear that whoosh-whoosh, so I'm knitting myself a maternity-friendly cardi in the meantime.

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Name: Berry
Weeks/Days along: 5 weeks, 3 days approximately
Appointments: 1st ultrasound is next week!
Symptoms: I've been a little bloated and my breasts are sore, but that's about it.
Food: I've been doing good on eating healthy foods so far.
Exercise: I've been bad about this. I had been walking on a treadmill while my DH worked out at the gym, but we've been apart for pretty much the last week, so I haven't gone to the gym.
Body changes and other milestones: nothing.
Thoughts: I'm just looking forward to my u/s and hoping we get to see the heartbeat. This all still seems so unreal to me, so I'm hoping that will make things a little more concrete for me.

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Name: Dennie
Weeks/Days along: 5w1d
Appointments: None, but my m/w is supposed to call me this week.
Symptoms: Mind numbing-ly tired. Beyond the point of exhaustion. Nausea. Irritable.
Food: No thanks. I am hungry, but have no appetite. When I eat I wind up feeling sick halfway through. :/
Exercise: I have been doing nothing but my twice weekly exercise training class (30min cardio, weights, some swimming), but am back to trying to do something everyday. I figure it may help combat the fatigue.
Body changes and other milestones: Bloating is gone. No weight gain yet, thank God. I was just starting to try and lose weight before I found out I was pg. I'm slightly overweight (150lbs and 5'3") so want to try and gain as little as possible while still staying healthy this time.
Thoughts: I wish this exhaustion would go away! Two kids, a house that needs some SERIOUS cleaning (organization of toys, storing of winter things, garage needs cleaned, etc), and full-time school is my life right now. It is impossible to do it all being this wiped out. Today I fell asleep and woke up and the kids had toys from one end of the house to the other (literally!), and a torn up beanie baby from my craft shelf (use the stuffing for crochet yarn balls) had its contents spilled all over the living room floor. Oh, and food. Squished strawberries in the rug and bread too. Just for good measure, ya know.

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Weeks/Days along:6 wks, 4dys
Symptoms:I can't sleep tonight
: Also, I'm slightly nauseous all the time, I don't have much of an appetite, and I'm having trouble taking my vitamins without feeling like I'm going to vomit just from swallowing them. Is it normal to have such strong aversions to the vitamins?
Food:Trying to eat more greens and fresh fruits

Body changes and other milestones: Sore boobs and bloating
Thoughts: There is no thinking at 4:45 am

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Andee- I'm up with nausea, too. I feel hungry but the last food I ate hasn't settled and I feel sooo sick!!! I get hungry but have no appetite. I haven't even thought of vitamins because when I'm so nauseous swallowing pills makes me sick. I LOVE pregnancy, but could easily do without this particular aspect.

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Originally Posted by VegMomma View Post
The smell of garlic is killing me! Garlic! I love garlic. Hm. Not anymore, I guess.
Huh, that happened to my mom when she was pregnant with me and she hasn't been able to stand garlic since. I don't think she LOVED garlic before though so don't worry

Name: Ursa
Weeks/Days along: Middle of week 7.
Appointments: None yet, still searching for a midwife.
Symptoms: Very tired. Strong aversion to food simultaneously bordering on nausea and ravenous starving hunger if I let myself go more than a couple hours without eating something. Said aversion alleviated with food. How paradoxical is that? Also thirsty and peeing ALL THE TIME! I read somewhere it's because of the increased fluids your kidneys have to process. At 7 weeks you already have like 10% more blood. Plus your womb swelling. Oh yeah, and I can feel that too - strange semi-cramplike feelings but nothing like period cramps. Boobs somewhat swollen/sore. Emotional - somewhat weepy and grumpy with DP.
Food: See symptoms
I have been trying to eat healthy, have succeeded until just now. I was starving and we had no food in the house so I ran to the corner store and bought corn chips and that disgusting bright yellow processed cheese dip and made oven nachos
which are my comfort food. Still struggling with keeping my kitchen stocked (was doing well until today) and clean enough to cook in. It's difficult when I'm tired, sick, and have other things to do, and DP is, uh, lazy
(ok I am too).
Exercise: Walking everywhere. Trying not to overdo it because I am still getting over being sick for the 3rd time in 3 weeks
The weather is taunting me too: it's beautifully sunny and clear, calling me to enjoy it, but the air is freezing and windy, exactly what I don't need right now.
Body changes and other milestones: Really noticing that I need to eat constantly to keep on top of the weird nausea-like feeling I get. Which is good, I'm mostly eating nutrient-dense food and I needed to eat more anyway. But it's going to be a struggle keeping the kitchen stocked. I think I'll have to go to the store more than once a week...
Thoughts: Bleh. I think I'll go take a nap :yawning:

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Name: Donna

Weeks/Days along: 5 weeks 3 days

Appointments: Had first appointment last Monday, next appointment is April 28th for an ultrasound

Symptoms: Slightly more tired, thirsty and hungry. I have pelvic pressure and terrible gas.

Food: I've gone from craving fruits and veggies to craving things like quesadillas and tacos. I made a huge chicken quesadilla casserole the other day and I've been grazing on that for a few days.

Exercise: I have a new prenatal yoga video arriving in the mail today.

Body changes and other milestones: I haven't gained any weight, but I look like I have. I look fluffier. Strange. This will be my third babe, so maybe my body has already reacted.

Thoughts: I would love some morning sickness but as each day passes I'm relaxing a little bit more.

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Weeks/Days along: 5w5d

Appointments: First one is tomorrow!

Symptoms: I'm tired and I can't do as much as I usually can without feeling pressure down there. That happened in my first pregnancy too, and I could very easily just rest. But not as much now, I just can't explain it well to a 22-month-old who sees a gorgeous blue sky and wants to run.

Food: All of it, please!

Exercise: Walking 2-3 miles a day and toddler chasing.

Body changes and other milestones: I seriously feel like I'm already starting to look pregnant. I'm a really tiny person, and it happens fast. I don't wanna get big so fast, though!

Thoughts: Blah. Lots of blah. I was worn out after a LOT of outings yesterday, not to mention that DD didn't want to walk anymore so I had to carry her about a mile. Today could've been a restful day, but I had to go to the customs office, get our visa's renewed, and buy the rest of DD's summer gear since we were downtown anyway and the bus here is pricey. She didn't want to nap, I got lost going to one place, and the buses still had on their HEAT even though it's 70 outside! And of course I go back out for my first prenatal appointment tomorrow and have to somehow tote along the kiddo. Sorry ladies, I'm usually not so negative. But man, I'm exhausted!
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