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weekly thread 21-27th

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Hi ladies! I thought I'd start this thread since there isn't one yet.

I feel like I have been away from the computer for ages! I was having major MDC with drawl.

Our vacation was good although our hotel turned out to be pretty crappy, but our room was nice. I slept and swam and slept some more. Swimming is so great it brings none of the pukey feelings that other exertion brings on in me and it takes all the pressure off my back. Anyway, it was very relaxing and I hadn't realized how much DH and I had needed to get away.

In baby news the "M/S" continues and so does the fatigue, but I am coping with it better. I have been having terriable indegestion at night no matter what I eat or do and laying down for bed is so uncomfortable that last night I almost cried about it. Not helping the discomofrt is the fact that I have been having nightmares so scary they are waking me up and then I just lay there wide awake.
: On a more postive note I am still loving my hipno babies and feel safe in my bubble even though people I thought would be more supportive have said some negative things to me about being realitic... I know it is very early for a first pregnancy but on more then one ocasion while listening to my hipno tapes I have thought I felt the baby move

Well peace and love to everyone.
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I know that there's another weekly thread, but I wanted to reply to your post.

I am glad you had fun, and I hope you won't let those nay-sayers get you down! Have you read "spiritual midwifery"? It's a little dated, and a few of the story-tellers are (dare I say) a little flakey, but it's still got a lot of good information and it's nice for someone who's considering hypno-birthing.

It's got alot of stories about mind-over-matter in the birthing process, and it may help you feel even more comfortable with your choice.

About the sleeping, I just got myself a "snoogle" pillow, because I was having alot of trouble getting comfortable at night. It's a godsend. I love that thing. It wraps around so you can get support in all the right places.

It isn't perfect, as it's not as puffy as I'd like, now that I've been sleeping on it for a few weeks, and the material is kinda cheap, but for me, it was still worth it. I just put a chenille blanket on top, and sleep on that.

It's a little pricey, but I imagine that you could make something even better for yourself, if you are at all handy with a needle and thread. -I'm not.
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