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weekly thread and topic of the week 3/31 through 4/6

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OOps, I flaked out on the TOTW

A couple of questions submitted to me for our discussion:

1. Sex. Nobody's brought it up in a while, and it's always a hot-button topic (ok, this isn't a question, but how's it going? is it going?)

2. Spring is coming - what kinds of things will we do outdoors with our families (not necessarily pg related, but nice to talk about).

My answers included, for once

1. not going, although I'm hoping to use this to generate some good uterus-toning contractions in mid-late-3rd trimester
2. anything at all, just get us OUT there, omg. Yesterday was the first very very springy day and I was truly euphoric. My diapers are sunned, my toddler has run, my windows were open. Now, if only everyone in my family could get over this nasty illness so we could all go somewhere!
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Hi, I have not participate much lately so I guess I can join now!

Sex - well, considering I have started some "no sex" threads in past - things have chaged!!
I am actually really enjoying it now! It's really easy to get horny with something moving inside. As weird as it sounds. I have NOT had that with my first. I am starting to think I will even have a sex drive AFTER the baby is born. I am not sure if it's the fact I am having a girl and she is producing some female hormons or my body or whatever, but it's working!

And my DH is happy too. Even with my big ass.

Spring YES please!! 2 weeks ago we had 90F!!! It was awful anf humid!!
: Then it dropped to 28F!!! Now it looks like it made up its mind and we finally have some normal temperatures around here! It's gorgeous outside and I am excited to get out finally! so is my dog and my DS

My dad is coming to visit from Europe in less then 3 weeks so I am hoping to go up to mountains few times.
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Sex...we're at about once a week at this point! Dh would still prefer it everyday, LOL, but this is about all I can muster right now. We usually are pretty active so this is a bit of a drag for me...

Spring - I'm so excited! It has been beautiful here in CT this week. Today it will be in the 70s. (Though I heard 40s and 50s next week!) I'm looking forward to just playing outside, eating meals outside, gardening, going swimming, etc. Can't wait! I tend to go in spurts, really wanting it one week and being completely uninterested the next week. This week has been an off week.

dd and I have been able to get outside for the first time in MONTHS. We've been taking walks and visiting the park. It's nice to be out. I think spring is here!
Sex- very touchy subject. I want it - he doesn't. And theres nothing I can do to convince him. I find that highly unusual for a male but he's not a usual guy. So I've just been taking care of myself. No need to beg, right?

Spring- I was starting to get into a depressing slump, but as soon as I can throw the windows open I'm lifted up! Its been great the past 2 days. Cabin fever be gone! I can't wait to drag the grill out and start getting together with friends and neighbors. Winter is so isolating for me.....but spring and summer is loads of fun. The farmers market is where I'll be spending my saturday mornings, oh and lawn sales.
#1 ?- I don't answer sex questions so we will just skip that one

#2 ? - Outdoor activities will include teaching ds how to garden. We have had a few beautiful days (in the 50's) and ds and I have been outside starting to deconstruct some of our yard and existing gardens. We just bought a house last fall, so there is tons that we can do outside. Mainly to personalize the space.
We will also start walking to the park more and riding bikes and playing outside with the dog! I love spring. Except for the mud factor
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#1- none to speak of...maybe a little bit of other things, but I don't do sex when I am wiggly!

#2- Lots of outside playing until it is to hot hear, then the pool a lot this summer, we want a swimmer! Ayden got a new swing set in his back yard, that he calls the "wow" so lots of playing on that!

Originally Posted by lotus.blossom
Sex- very touchy subject. I want it - he doesn't. And theres nothing I can do to convince him. I find that highly unusual for a male but he's not a usual guy.
1. this is us ... an ongoing issue in our relationship, not just when i'm preggers.

2. hiking, biking, walking, trips to the shore ... and get the pool ready for when it's hot and i'm immobile and want to spend all day floating!
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#1 comes and goes, depends whether i'm tired or not.

#2 i love the outdoors. we've had the windows open for awhile now with the exception of a cold spell last week. it's been in the 70's the last few days. been taking 1/2 hour sunbath's the last few afternoons.
i mowed my yard for the first time this season last week. i push mow (not self propelled) 2 acres which i split into 2 days(4 1/2 hours total). We own 3, but the other acre goes up a mountain. i love mowing; it's a great way to get some alone time and still watch the kids, great exercise, and a nice way to get a little sun. plus, when i finish i feel sooooo goood (mentally it's nice to complete a task). my kids will all follow me for awhile and when the grass grows faster and thicker i'll mow path's/roads for them to run on.
oldest has started baseball so we've been practicing a lot of that in the yard.
just more of what we've been doing all winter except we're barefoot and have tick checks.
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Sex??? What is that?? heehee! No, I've actually been enjoying it a lot more recently. My biggest problem is my darn sciatic nerve!! I try different positions, but my favorites cause some major pain. Argh. Oh well, it was like this with Seth too.

Spring...what is that? I am SO sick of the cold and rainy weather!!! It is rainy and about 52 right now, that is what our forcast is for the next week or so. I am so sick of it.
However, when the sun does peek out, Seth and I walk to the park and he swings and slides. I can't wait until we can go and have Saturday picnics in the park. That is one of my favorite things to do with my "boys". It will also be nice to be able to go visit Emma for more than 5 minutes because it's so cold! I love spring and summer because I can sit on the grass and just be with her, it is really nice.
What else?? Um, just playing with my family and friends. I've started taking Seth swimming a couple days a week. It's an indoor pool and he loves it. So, it will be nice when it's warm and we can swim outside...but that won't happen until probably June-ish.
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Originally Posted by luckymama
1. this is us ... an ongoing issue in our relationship, not just when i'm preggers.

Ok, my husband says that he will trade with your dh's anyday!!
I told him that there are MEN actually turning it down and he was so surprised. Maybe because he's such a horny boy and I'm just not. I used to be...but it has really gone down since I've had my babies.
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1- we're in the once a week club too for the most part. DH's been very good about letting the mood hit me and not pushing the issue which he occassionally does when i'm not pregnant. if this pregnancy is anything like my last one in this department, i'll get more and more interested up to the point of birth and then the poor man is going to have to suffer the drought b/c i get so touched out from newborn nursing that i have no interest whatsoever for months.

2- DD's fav outside spring activity is currently sidewalk chalk. i am still debating the merits of a veggie garden this year, as someone will have to take over it's regular care and maintenance after the twins arrive for a good bit of time. but i at least want to get out into the beds and dig in some compost for the soil, even if i just mulch it and wait until next year to plant again. the pool opens at the end of may and i will be so ready for it by then. just opening up the windows brings a different energy into the house which is great. it seems to have settled into the 70s here so i am looking forward to some good weather (not too hot) for a couple of months.
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1. I'm having a very, very good time. DH is exhausted, but wants me to be happy.
I am so grateful to have met him (for more reasons than just this!)

2. I broke out the bicycle yesterday!!
Riding is my normal form of transportation, but I don't like to share snowy, slippery roads with drivers (plus I'm a wimp about riding in the cold
) so I've been taking public transportation all winter. It was *so nice* to ride yesterday! I was pretty cautious in case of balance issues, but I felt really good and so happy to be outside!

My thighs were nudging my belly, though, so I think I'll need to raise the seat a little. Riding the road bike (where I am bent over much more than with my city beater) is definitely out of the question!
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1 - mmm, not so much lately. We're both just wiped from working and running around. I am a little embarassed to admit that we schedule it just so it doesn't get lost amidst laundry and dishes but what are you gonna do?

2 - finally! We had some nice 70s weather this week. Starting to think about taking care of our balding brown lawn and planting a garden. Yum, fresh veggies!
1. It comes and goes for us now too. As we get closer to the end, dh won't want it. That's fine, because after the baby comes, I won't want it for a while. Eventually, it'll go back to normal. It always has with the other 3 babies.

2. Yesterday was 74 degrees and sunny! We were so excited. The kids and I went to the park for a couple hours after they got off the school bus. I can't wait until it stays warm! The girls and I were talking about planting flowers. We need to wait a bit to be sure it won't get cold again and kill what we plant. They are so excited about the warm weather because it means we are getting closer to the baby being born.
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1. sex and being pregnant / looking after a toddler just dont seem to go - i'm asleep before my head hits the pillow. But i am putting in more effort at the moment and my new pants arrived yesterday, nothing like new pants to get me in the mood!

2. The weather for the past few days has been fab - went for a lovely pub lunch yesterday with my mum and sat in the garden with ds playing in the mud. Apart from that we have been a bit trapped as there has been a lot of rain but fingers crossed the good weather is here to stay.
Sex is a funny thing these days. My belly is huge (I'll have to post pics once I figure it out) so it gets uncomfortable. I'd say it's 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I force myself to because I know once I'm there it'll be great but I have no desire to otherwise.

I am loving spring. The weather has been beautiful. We were outside all week, blowing bubbles, going for walks, playing at the park. We have been getting a lot of yard work done as well. We are installing our new front door today. DD can play in the glass and snack and I don't have to worry about her being entertained...did I mention that I'm loving spring?
ahh, its raining here again
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We're in the "not very much" club. At least right now. If this pg is anything like the last, I'll be more interested next month. Right now, it's a little like going to work - I don't mind at all once I'm there, but getting motivated to go is not so easy. It's a bummer sometimes - I WANT to be interested, but I'm just not.

Spring, on the other hand, I am interested in! It's finally been a little bit nice around here (though a late April snowstorm is pretty common). We have to tear down our garage and put up a new one, so I don't dare do anything with the yard until that happens (so probably not at all this summer, to be realistic).

Our next door neighbors are selling their house, and they have an open house today, and I am fighting the urge to go over there and scope out potential neighbors
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1. Sex. Ah...not so much lately. My dh works nights 3-4 days a week and that doesn't help matters. But mainly, it has been painful for me lately. I feel all swollen and uncomfortable down there.

2. Spring is usually here by now in N. has been raining and overcast for weeks and the ten day forecast shows it is going to continue. I want to be outside already! Swimming, walking to the pond, bbq-ing, working in my garden, going to the farmer's market. Ack.
: But, we are going camping in Yosemite the weekend after Easter!
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