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March 11 here - Well, officially the due date would be March 3, but since both my boys came 8 days late, I think I'll just figure that into my due date.

Wasn't planning on TTC until September, but then I went on vacation and didn't chart and didn't keep good track of the signs and, well, here I am. A little freaked out, but in a good way.

I do hate that I haven't been vigilant about taking my vitamins and eating well since I wasn't really TTC, but I am trying to convince myself that now is when it starts to matter.

Feeling a little nauseous today and feel asleep on the couch this afternoon (but that could be because I couldn't sleep last night after testing positive).

I am convinced this baby will be a boy also. But I will not find out until he (she?) is born.

Am considering a homebirth, but I need to meet with the midwife (there is only one locally) first.

I guess I'll need to amend my sig line soon!
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