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Weekly Thread June 6-12

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I really enjoyed the weekly thread last week and thought I'd start another.
Welcome all!!!
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Good news, it seems as though the MS is tapering off!!! I haven't puked in 3 days. I can hardly believe it. I think my belly is changing shape too. I'm 11 weeks and it looks like it's poochier. I still fit in all my regular clothes and am baffled at what kind of swim suit to get this summer. I know I'll be good for a pregnancy suit by the end of summer, but what do you do for the in-between stage? Don't really look preggo, but not the same shape as normal...
I guess I need some retail therapy for that one.
My m/s seems to be backing off as well. I've been trying to keep a full stomach, and when I start to feel a little sick I have a hot glass of lemon tea and it always makes me feel better.
Yesterday I bought my first bit of maternity clothes from Old Navy, everything is alot more comfortable now, I don't feel so caged in my clothing! We also picked up an infant car seat and the matching pack n' play by graco from The Right Start. We've started buying things early in order to be prepared and have the extra money when the baby comes. Its a little scarey, at the back of my mind is the fear that something could go wrong and I can imagine myself returning it all.

Thursday is my first prenatal appointment with my OB and I can't wait.

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the coming months as much as I am!
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14 weeks

My morning sickness has also subsided, thankfully! I'm starting to feel like myself again. My dd is still nursing and it is getting really painful, so I'm hoping that with the production of colostrum she may wean on her own. She really isn't nursing that frequently at this point, maybe 2 - 3 times a day, but she is celebrating her 3rd birthday today and I really thought she'd have lost interest by now. Guess not!
I don't want to rush her, I just wish it didn't hurt!

We have another Dr. appt. this week, so I'm guessing he'll want to discuss an U/S. Next week we'll be in FL visiting my family and I was hoping to have some good news to tell them, but I guess it may end up waiting until the end of the month.
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12 Weeks

Depressed and stressed.

One of my ferrets, Bomber got lost last night. We can find him NOWHERE, having searched the house and grounds. We live in the boonies, surrounded by ponds/creeks, meadow and dense briar-y woods. Horribly, I HAD to go to work today, leaving DH to search for him. I get off in 1/2 hour, hope to have some luck when I search tonight. It doesn't look good. Please pray or think good thoughts for Bomber. He needs it right now. The world is a dangerous place for a little ferret.
I have been doing better lately as well

MS seems gone. Still dealing with food cravings/ aversions, and very hungry which makes the aversions extra annoying!

Leaving for a 90,000 person festival in hot mid-TN today. wont' even be able to cook, hope I can find somthing desirable to eat. Wish me luck!!

Anyone showing yet? I think i'm skinnier than when i got pregnant.
I'm doing much better this week

I had my nuchal transucency (sp?) test today and it went well. Got to see that lovely heartbeat, feet and hands waving around the whole time. This is farther than I have made it my last 3 pregnancies so I am finally beginning to believe this one is a keeper!

My appetite is improving and I'm not as tired now, although the final hour at work is hard.

We haven't told our DD about the new bean yet. Its a long 40 weeks and I may wait a bit longer. I was waiting just to see if this one would stick. Now I'm thinking I should wait until 20 weeks or so to tell, but will probably let it slip before then. She hears everything and keeps wanting to pat my belly so she probably already knows!

Lovelocks- I haven't gained any weight either, I have a small belly but that's it. I could lose 20 lbs. do maybe it will turn into baby as it grows!

I'm off to go camping in a couple days. Lazing around the lake sounds so good right now!

Take care

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I'm glad someone started this thread b/c I wanted to but didn't want to open with whining.

I can't keep a thought in my head. I have to think about each step in simple tasks. Like, rinse sink, plug sink, run dishwater, what next? oh, yeah, add soap,... It takes forever. I vaguely remember feeling this way with #1, but then I was on salary at a cushy university job so it wasn't such a big deal, kwim? I could space out at will. Now I've got a relentless preschooler and clients to deal with. This is bad.

I feel lazy and whiny and mean and hungry and fat. Bluh!!!

Good luck with your ferret, VNE. I hope he comes back home tonight.
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mommyheidi, a friend just lent me a book you might like called Adventures in Tandem Nursing (a La Leche book) which has a lot of stories and tips from mamas nursing throughout pregnancy and tandem nursing after the baby arrives. It looks helpful so far, about 1/3 through it.

I don't think DS will care if the milk changes taste. He nurses about 2x a day, so not that much, but the times he does are very important to him. It hurts about every other day, though! I just pretend like I'm at the dentist and here comes the novocaine and....ouch! And then it stops hurting, thankfully. The book has tips & hints for that, like make sure you're well-hydrated.
Hey everyone :)

I'm sick as usual. Today sucked. My sister just moved in (she's living with us for the summer) yesterday, and we went out today to get some stuff she needs - we'd be out for a while, I'd spend the whole time trying not to barf in a store or parking lot, we'd get back, I'd run in and throw up, we'd leave again...repeat 5 or so times and get to now, when I'm sitting here feeling pretty darned awful still, even now that the house is empty (DH and my sis took the kids to the park for a while). Usually I can think of something that would help settle my stomach at least enough that I can walk around enough to get dressed and get in bed, but no dice tonight, I'm taking my barf bowl to bed with me. I honestly feel like I don't have it in me to throw up again today, that if I do start to throw up I just won't be able to muster the energy and will black out or something instead. I know it will happen anyway.

OK, I'm going to go see if I can get into bed without barfing now, before the kids come home and start jumping on me, and DH comes home smelling like stale cheap-male-cologne (actually it is just his deodorant, but that is more than enough for my nose).
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Leaving for a 90,000 person festival in hot mid-TN today. wont' even be able to cook, hope I can find somthing desirable to eat. Wish me luck!!
We live 20 miles from that festival! We have friends staying with us right now on their way to it. It was fun when they got here and said "you look pregnant". They weren't sure if I would yet. I'm really showing, I mean not baskeball belly or anything, but my belly is getting out there. In loose clothing I might just be fat, but in knit clothes there's really no doubt about it. Of course, I'm very short, so there's really nowhere but out for that baby to grow. And I wasn't exactly skinny to start with.

This has been a week of visitors. My MIL stopped by overnight on her way home from my SIL's. Right now we only get the drop by visits because we don't have any grandchildren for her yet, my SIL gets 2 week long visits. But that's okay. She brought me some clothes though, which is great. My SIL went with her and they picked out some really cute things for me, and now I have a bunch of new things I can wear, and they were very smart, they got me things with 3/4 length sleeves so I can wear them into the fall!

I'm really looking forward to my visit with the midwife next week. Hearing that heartbeat is such a relief. I mean, I'm sure things are fine, and I've been feeling a lot of stretching going on, so I know there's growing going on, but it just feels good to know things are going well.
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I am so tired of being tired.

I spent about 10 hours in the car over the past weekend and at graduations ceremonies and parties and I still don't feel like I have recovered and it is halfway through the week (piss moan piss moan). I am suppose to be at work at 8. I dragged myself out of bed at 7:55 this morning, took a speed shower, threw on my left over clothes from the chair, and was to work by 8:20. No one (of importance) was there yet, so I hauled for nothing...sigh.

I have my first midwife appointment (more like an interview) next Thursday. Why am I not more excited? It almost seems pointless. Is she really going to tell me something I don't already know?

I think I just have a bad attitude right now and I smell like BO and deoderant
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1st off let me starte by saying VNE- I am thinking about you and your lost ferrett. I hope everything works out. Please keep us posted!

Well, my "morning" sickness continues to roll on nearly constantly but at least I am manageing it a little better. I did cry on Sunday because I have developed horriable indegestion which really adds to the misery.

I look preganant and feel pregant and am trying to fight off negative thoughts a M/C. I am doing well so far. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this "symptom" before- Dh and i had sex on Saturday and after wards I was lying there and suddenly my breasts became like painful knots. It was the equivlent of a cramp but in the chest.

Anyway,Dh and I leave for a week long vacation in St. Louis on Friday. Well a vacation for me he has to attend a confrence. His company is putting us up in a 4 star hotel! I am so excited b/c we would have never been able to afford a vacation like this this year. I plan to lay by the pool, go to the spa, and enjoy being able to sleep and not have to take care of anyone elses children for 7 days!
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I had a bad dream last night that I got on the scales and I had already gained like 18 pounds. Then I got up and got on the scales for real, and what I found out was pretty depressing. I didn't gain any weight at all in my first trimester with #1, and now with this one I have already gained 10-15 pounds! You guys, is that possible? Well, of course it is. I went from walking on the treadmill almost every day and doing yoga, to absolute couch confinement. Plus I went from lots of veggies, lean meat, nuts, beans, and whole grains - to whatever I could possibly eat and keep down. And I developed aversions to good things and cravings for bad things. So now that I'm feeling a little better, I really need to work on being healthier.
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woohoo! i'm glad the m/s is tapering off for many of you! i'm feeling better these past couple days too. last week was rough though, probably the worst yet. i've been eating a lot of fruit lately though so maybe that's helping. i finally got a few maternity clothes. 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts and a shirt. i'd be ok with a normal big t-shirt, but it seems like they're all too short

my uterus hasn't moved up yet, but i can feel my bladder when it's full in the morning and that's pretty weird. i'm looking forward to when my flab gets hidden behind my rock hard preggo belly :LOL. i'm still in the fat stage but haven't gotten comments yet. i did have one friend say she keeps forgetting i'm pregnant which is a good sign i guess :LOL

it's been so hot and sticky the past couple days-not fun! especially with our car's a/c gone. i hope it's better tomorrow because i'm helping a friend plant her herb garden/watching babies and there's absolutely no shade there.

i've been really hungry lately too. that ravenous feeling has officially hit. it's interrupted by the occasional bouts of nausea, but i think i'm going to start seriously gaining soon. i'm not too psyched about that, but this hunger is too much. i've found cherries are very filling....

i borrowed some books and one of them is on prenatal yoga so i'm excited about starting that soon. of course the past couple days i've been incredibly exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open enough to watch dd. i'm hoping to get that 2nd trimester burst within the next couple weeks.

i'll keep your ferret in my thoughts and prayers. i hope you found him by now...

have fun at the festival!!!

congrats on the good test results! we haven't told our dd yet either.

dd is down to two nursings a day now and i don't think she'll wean completely either. i'm hating nursing these days though

i'm sorry you're still so sick.

sorry about only getting halfway through the personals. hunger and exhaustion are both attacking so i'm going to get a snack and crawl into bed.
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Anyway,Dh and I leave for a week long vacation in St. Louis on Friday. Well a vacation for me he has to attend a confrence. His company is putting us up in a 4 star hotel!

Nannymom, how exciting!!! I'm in St. Louis, but we're leaving this weekend for FL (although I hear the weather here is supposed to be like it is in FL - 90+ and humid...) I wish we were going to be here, it would be nice to meet another MDC mama! I wonder if you'll be staying at the Hilton Plaza Frontenac - I think it's four stars and it is truly an amazing hotel; dh and I had our wedding reception there (a brunch, so it was much cheaper.) Anyway, I just wanted to say how cool that you're coming here!
hee, mommyheidi, we were married in St. Louis, too! Well, a suburb called... hmm, DH? Kirkwood.

Hope you have a great trip, nannymom. We go at least once a year & it is such a fun city. So many things to do and see. Go up the arch!

Jenelle, I'm with you on the weight gain. I don't think I've gained any since those first couple weeks, but that couch-surfing can really stack 'em on. It's second pregnancies; all my second-pregnancy friends blew up immediately. It's not supposed to mean you'll gain more overall, good news!
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Bomber, my ferret is HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys, for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. My closest neighbors, about 1/4 mile down the driveway, through the woods, had him show up in their yard last night, just before the sun was totally down. I am soooooo relieved and joyful. The dangers that were out there for him...sheesh, he really surmounted the odds.

My MS seems to be pretty much gone. My random gag reflex is still around, in full force. Now that Bomber is back, my appetite has returned as well. My husband takes much enjoyment out of playing with my belly and trying to listen to well, anything, with a stethoscope. It's really funny.
ok, here's a new development. I was lucky enough to only have a couple weeks of morning sickness. But last week I got hit with motion sickness (oooooh, ugly)!

On the plus side, we're finally starting to look pregnant.
Too exciting! I wondered when that would happen. Now people are starting to understand why I've been so tired and emotional. They're acting now like I wish they did last month before I started to feel a bit better. Oh well, what can you do?

At least now our 2-yr-old is starting to see what all of this "new baby" stuff is about. He understands now that baby is in my tummy
, not lurking in all of the books I have been reading.
He gets all
every time we say the word "baby" and starts laughing and running around. He gives the baby kisses though my belly button.:LOL
That kid's got my heart and he KNOWS it!

I feel sooo ill right now, but I'm still in a great mood (how that happened, I have no clue). I thought I'd share it with y'all. A few extra good vibes never hurt anybody (at least, not that I know of)!
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