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weigh watchers questions

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i've seen a couple of threads about weight watchers and breast feeding. i'm wondering what moms think about the weigh watchers program? dd is 7 mos. and i'm really struggling with losing the baby weight while nursing. i'd love to hear what anyone/everyone as to say.

(dp mentioned that weight watchers - the points program - had worked for him in the past and since we're looking for something to kick start our diet and excerise regime...)
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I've never nursed and done WW so I can't help there. Sorry.

I would suggest the Core Plan if you are interested in WW. The new Program offers Flex, "choose any food as long as you control how much you eat and keep track of it." or Core, "Eat from a core list of wholesome, nutritious foods without counting or tracking." Both Plans get a weekly Points Allowance of 35. On Flex, the WPA get added to your daily Points Target give your Points Budget for the week. On Core, the WPA are used for foods that aren't found on the Core Food list.

The Core list is made up of Vegetables/Fruits, non creamy soups, whole wheat pasta/brown rice/potatoes/and grains, high fiber cereals without added sugar, lean meats/poultry/fish/eggs, fat free milk products, healthy oils, condiments and coffee/tea/sugar free beverages.

The actual list is more specific.
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I am doing WW and breastfeeding my 3 month old. I started when she was 5.5 weeks old. I have lost 19 pounds since I started. I do the flex points plan and find that I have plenty of points - I am not hungry and have not had a decrease in my milk supply.

Good luck!
I'm also doing WW (flex) and nursing my 8 week old & my 3yr old. I'm finding it a great program. You get 10 extra points for nursing & honestly I'm not going hungry & often have points left over. I love the fact that you really can eat anything. I would find the Core plan too restrictive (mostly because it takes more planning than I'm typically able to do, LOL), but for some, it would be perfect.

I think if you go into thinking that it's a lifestyle change, and a learning experience about how much food your body needs, etc (portions, etc), you'll have a great sucess! And, remember.... it doesn't matter what you weigh next week, but what you weigh next year.
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