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Weight question

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My baby was 6 lbs. 15 oz at birth. When three days old, he was 6 lbs 5 oz. At the two week pediatric visit he was still 6lbs 5 oz. The doctor stressed me out. He said that my baby should have gained his birth weight back. He wanted to know if I was making enough milk and if he was drinking enough. I left feeling awful!! I have been only breastfeeding him----and he wants to eat constantly (every hour or two). He sleeps, eats and poops (poops about 2-5 times a day). Did your babies weigh their birth weight at two weeks? Or is it OK for a breastfed baby to be less at two weeks?? By the way, my milk did not come in till he was four days old. I supplemented VERY LITTLE till it did.
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I can't give you an answer as both of my dc gained their birth weight back before leaving the hospital, but my feeling is that if you're nursing frequently, when the child is hungry, he should be getting enough.

Whenever I felt like I wasn't making enough milk, I upped my fluid intake, and drank a glass or two of water. You can also do other things to boost your milk production like mother's milk teas. The key is DO NOT SUPPLEMENT! Each time you supplement you deprive your body of the stimulation to make the milk your baby needs. SO nurse, nurse again, and nurse again. And your baby will gain, just trust your body.
I think you need to get your latch evaluated by a LLL leader, IBCLC or experienced nursing mama ASAP. How many wet diapers is he having each day?

Originally Posted by wingeddancer
My baby was 6 lbs. 15 oz at birth. When three days old, he was 6 lbs 5 oz.
So this was on a scale at the pedi's office, not the hospital scale? He may have gained weight after all, because the scales are often FAR off. See if you can bring him in for another weight check in a few days.


Originally Posted by wingeddancer
I have been only breastfeeding him----and he wants to eat constantly (every hour or two).
This is totally normal.
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I just want to respond to what Ammaarah said. First, he is peeing plenty. Second, both weight checks were done in the same pediatrician's office. I feel like I am doing everything correctly. The only thing that I am changing now is that I am alternating breasts at each feeding. Before, I was feeding from one breast at a time for as long as he wanted (usually about 40 min. to an hour). The doctor said to feed from both breasts twenty minutes each. Do you gals have an opinion?
I went thru this with my last 2 babies. Both didnt gain weight in the beginning, after losing alot.
My LC told me that normal, healthy babies gain weight. Yes, some gain slower or faster than others, but they should at least be gaining.
I would make sure you are drinking enough, eating enough, resting enough, and nurse as much as possible. Wake up baby at least every 2 hours, including at night for awhile.
I would really work on getting baby to nurse as much as possible, then recheck weight in a week.
The breastfeeding answer book says min. amount baby should be gaining is 4 ounces per week. Although the LC I saw really preferred closer to 7..

My baby did not gain her birth weight back till almost 4 weeks, she gained very slowly at first, but is now gaining faster at almost 9 weeks.

Oh, and both my babies seemed to "wake up" around 3-4 weeks and really start nursing better and gain better then.

Are you sure the baby is actively nursing? because mine would suck, suck, fall asleep in the beginning, so she wasnt really nursing although she was at the breast.
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And yes, please call your local LLL leader, they will have better breastfeeding information for you than a dr.
My babe had not gained her birthweight back at the two week visit. The ped. sent us to an IBCLC and she did a weigh before and after feeding. My babe was only taking in an oz. at each feed. We discovered that her latch was not a good seal and we worked on fixing it. It took multiple appointments, but my babe and I figured it out. If you are still concerned with your babe gaining weight, go see an LC and have a feeding weight check done. This will at least put your mind at ease if your babe is indeed getting enough.
I think it is still considered normal for a baby to take 2 weeks to re-gain birth weight. However, if the baby doesn't start gaining at least 5-7 oz a week from now on, then it is probably a sign something is wrong. Sending you lot's of weight gain vibes!
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I personally didn't alternate breasts each feeding. I nursed on each side as long as he wanted to and then nursed the other side as long as he wanted (usually 45 min later). Even at 11 mos, he still only nurses one side at each feeding.
I would agree to see a LLL Leader or an IBCLC. Although it is within the realm of normal the baby should be starting to gain some weight at this point in time. Also if the baby is nursing for an hour every hour or so you should really have your latch checked to make sure there is swallowing and effective milk transfer. Of course some babies do this and it is normal but if weight is a concern I would get another opinion besides that of you ped.
Here is a follow up:
My boy is now six weeks and I want to share the ongoing story. Maybe it will help someone?
At three weeks he was ONLY 6 lbs 6 oz. At this point, my pediatrician insisted that I supplement with formula. I cried and told him that would be like giving him Twinkies. This after, sleep deprived me, nursed him 24-7 for the first three weeks of his life. My nipples hurt so much that I would tell my husband that they felt like they had a knife sliced through them. I think I had nipple blanching or vasospasm? They would turn white after nursing and looked/felt like they were run over by a truck.
Hence, the day after the three week pediatrician visit, I hired a lactation consultant. She told me that my son had "tongue tie". I had never heard of this and found out that it is when one has a tight frenulum under the tongue (for more look at: Because of his tongue, my poor baby wasn't able to productively drink my milk.
She also told me to feed the supplement through "lact aid". Lact Aid is like a baggy attached to a thin straw which you tape to the breast. The baby drinks from the straw and the breast. This way there is no nipple confusion and the breasts are stimulated to deliver and produce more milk.
Also, we rented a pump which I used often after feedings (if my breasts weren't too sore).
Between Lact Aid, the pump, and sore nipples, BF was hard and miserable. I longed for it to be the warm connective experience I thought it would be.
We had another pediatrician appointment the following week (to check his weight) and the doc. confirmed the LC's diagnosis. He said that my baby had a slight tongue tie and didn't know if a specialist would clip it. He also said this was not his expertise.
Also, my boy gained a lb due to the formula supplement through Lact Aid.
Meanwhile, the LC recommended a pediatric surgeon who was doing research on tongue tie. We chose her. She did an ultra sound to see how he drank. Then she clipped both the lower frenulum (tongue tie) and upper one (for a nice story and info. see: I didn't know anything about the upper frenulum. As it turns out, the doctor said the upper frenulum would later cause a gap in his two front teeth that could not be corrected with braces.
The procedure was simple. Five minutes after the cuts, my boy was drinking at my breast. Also, my nipples no longer hurt when he sucks!! Now, I am trying to increase my milk and wean him from Lact Aid.
So far it looks like the problem is solved.
I wanted to share this story because I know that many pediatricians are not familiar with BF difficulties due to tongue tie. They wont look for it or recommend that it is clipped. I can now say from experience that taking care of the tongue tie makes a big difference.
Moreover, as a foot note, as a Greek American I discovered that in the old days Greek women would clip the baby's frenulum or push down on it. The old generation was wise.
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