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Weight Watchers Support Thread #2: June - July 2004

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Hey, all, I'm starting this new thread for us who are using WW to lose weight. If you would like to, feel free to include your start weight, your current weight and your goal weight in this introduction along with your posts. It may help some to see that they are not alone.

Start: 219
Now: 208
Goal: 170

{{hugs}} to everyone - losing or not! We're all in this together and I've rec'd some fantabulous support from these mamas!
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Thanks to everyone for the welcome... I am very encouraged by everyone elses stories...

We "officially" start Monday....

Start 185
Goal 135...
Hello, just checking in. My WI was good...down 1.8! I feel like I'm finally back on track.

Start 185
Now 151
Goal 145

6 lbs to go! I'll probably try to lose a few more during maintenance so I can be sure I won't go over. But it's been a long road and I'm excited to be almost there!

Good luck to all, you really can do it!
I'm also doing WW. I started last week, and my first weigh in is tomorrow night. My official starting weight is (ugh!) 231.8
My first goal is 200, and my ultimate goal is 135 (but I'd be happy with a strong, lean 140-145).
Hello- I didn't start WW until DS was 9m old. I actually gained weight postpartum! I had WI today and am down 1 pound YAY! I try to keep my losses small b/c I am still nursing and want to maintain my milk supply.

So far I have lost 31.8 pounds

Start 176.8
Current 145
Goal 140
Well, my WI was tonight, and I lost 3.6#!!!
I think it's partly due to the fact that AF showed up on Friday night, and I was probably holding onto some water weight last week, but still - I'll take the loss any way I can get it. :LOL
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Congrats, Beth! You ARE so close! I'm envious!

Welcome, Anne....and congrats on your loss!

TeaForMe, how are you doing today? Was it easier/harder than you thought?

OakParkVeggie, that is soo cool that you've lost so much already! Do you find that WW is supportive of nursing moms?
Hi. I'd like to join, too. I need a support group to keep me motivated. I joined WW about 6 weeks ago. I am 5'1" and I started out at 145 and I am down to 130-132. My goal is 117 or less.

I have to admit I have been off the program for about 2 weeks and need to get started again.

I find it really hard setting aside time to exercise. I know if I started I would have more energy and in turn I'd follow some kind of workout schedule.

Glad to be here,
Hey mamas, I check you all out everyday even though I'm not posting much! Just wanted to report my WI last night and I lost 1#. Slowly but surely... Only 4 # to go till I hit my goal!

BTW, DH ate all his flexpoints this week adn lost 3#! I keep telling him to eat more, not less...finally he is getting it! He is only 2# from goal! ANyone else doing WW with DH/DP? That has helped us both so much!
Wow! Congratulations on being so close to goal, Beth! I'm so envious!
And congrats to your DH, too.

Oakparkveggie ~ You're doing great, too! Congrats on being so close to goal!

Welcome Rachel!

Thank you for the welcome, pamamidwife!

Is everyone doing WW and going to the meetings, or are some of you doing it online, or at home? I've found, for me, that I need the accountability of the meetings. Fortunately, a friend and I are going together, which makes it a little more fun.

One more question ~ How did you choose your goal weight? For me, I remember being 135 in high school, and I looked fantastic, so I'd like to get there again. But I'd be happy with a fit and energetic body that was a little heavier than that.
: I'm 5'8" and have a small to medium build, so I think I can get away with being towards the low end of my weight range. But we'll see how I feel about that when I get there.
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Anne, DH and I are not going to meetings, I just ordered all the books and journals online (ebay) and we are following the program together at home. Having each other has really helped, I need that accountability for sure! If he wasn't doing it I'd be going to meetings probably.

My goal weight is what I weighed when we got married, I was 20 years old. SOmehow, I feel I still looked better then at that weight. I guess my body had never been through pregnancy then-lol!
WI monday and I am down 2.6 (yay!). This is week 3 on ww and I am still loving the program.

My stats:
Starting weight: 240.8
Current weight: 233.4
Mini-Goal: 220
TTC goal weight: 200

TeaForMe- how is the program going so far?

mamabeth- congrats on getting so close to goal. That is wonderful! Good luck with those last 6 pounds.

AahRee- 3.6# is awesome! Good for you! I am going to the meetings because I need the accountability as well as the support. I've tried joining online support groups and it just wasn't enough. I need to be there in person with someone else looking at the scale. I haven't given much thought to a goal weight because we are going to start ttc this fall and I know I won't reach my ultimate goal weight before then.

oakparkveggie- you are so much more motivated than I am because I waited until Julia was 19 months before I started. I really wish I would have started earlier. I gained weight pp also (lost all the pg weight within 2 weeks and then gained about 5-7 pounds after that).

2girlsmom- welcome! Exercise time is hard to come by around here, so I try to find things I can do with Julia (walking with the stroller or backpack). The weather has been wonderful here this past week so we will see how the exercise goes when it gets hot hot hot again. I bought a pass to a local nature reserve and that has motivated me because it is such a beautiful place to walk.

Bethkm- that is great that your DH is doing this with you. I keep trying to get mine to try but he claims the portions are too small. I think he is making more of an effort to eat smaller portions than he did before, and he has even walked with us a few times. That definitely makes things easier. Congrats on being so close to goal!
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Anne, I am doing WW online. It doesn't account for breastfeeding but I make sure I use all my flex points. A friend of mine who is also on WW told me that I should up my points from 20 to 30/day while nursing.

My goal is about 117, that's what I was down to before I got pregnant the 3rd time and that was a nice weight for me.

Originally Posted by pamamidwife

OakParkVeggie, that is soo cool that you've lost so much already! Do you find that WW is supportive of nursing moms?
The official WW nursing program can only be done when going to meetings, not online. Unfortunately most moms with little ones are the ones who have a hard time getting to a meeting so lots of moms fib and do the online program. They also give you 10 extra points to use when nursing, but say to drop them all when baby starts solids- doesn't make much sense. So, I don't think WW proper is very supportive, but there are lots of nursing moms doing it and we have our own way of weaning from the extra points as baby weans. We have a yahoo group, and a daily thread on the WW website so I get lots of motivation and camradrie from the nursing moms there.

Originally Posted by 2girlsmom
Anne, I am doing WW online. It doesn't account for breastfeeding but I make sure I use all my flex points. A friend of mine who is also on WW told me that I should up my points from 20 to 30/day while nursing.
Rachel- just add your extra 10 points in on the exercise tab under "express track" AND eat most or all of your flex- you will still lose!

juliasmum, Bethkm, AahRee- congrats on your WIs!

My goal weight is my 'wedding weight' too. I do online b/c if I do get a free moment, I like to use it exercising. I get all my motivation and accountability from online groups like this and at the WW site. My DH is a beanpole that eats everything in sight
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Thanks to everybody who checked in on me...

I am finding this so freeing! I can't belive what I can eat.

I think I am realizing what I have done to myself and my metabolism. I actually have had a hard time eating all my points. I find around 9 or 10 pm I have only eaten 16 or so of my 24 points... and then I know I go through days where I tottaly binge and snack all day and night.

So I am actually doing ok. Of course it's only been 3 days
But In those three days I have been to a ballgame AND my churches coffe bar where yummy smoothies flow.

It helps I am doing this with hubby. We discuss the points and point planning a lot. He is having a hard time as he lost quite a bit lo-carbing a while back (he's put it all back on) and can't belive he can eat bread and fruit and such... LOL
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Hi all. I just joined WW about a week ago. Had my first post-joining WI yesterday. I'm doing online-only since there are no meetings near me that allow me to bring my kids, who I homeschool. I did WW about 5 years ago while I was nursing my son and found it worked well with nursing. Flex points didn't exist then (it was winning points) and I got a bunch of extras for nursing. Don't remember how many though.

So far this time I have lost 6#s, but I remember last time I lost easily the first week as well. My goal is to lose 17#s so 6 in the first week is nice. Hopefully I won't go back up again but I know this isn't a quick fix anyway. WW is the only program where I feel like I can still eat "healthfully" while losing weight. Everything else out there seems so focused on cutting out this or that; it drives me nuts. I'm trying to lose weight without sacrificing my health. Amazing concept, right?
This is interesting about goal weights. I don't know what I weighed in high school or college...I was very athletic and never really thought about it. I picked 145 because it's in the middle of the BMI range and bc when I get there I will be a size 6-8, which is what I wore at age 18. I've heard that maintaining whatever you weighed then is healthiest for your body. Of course, that's before the extra skin
: so we'll see!
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I weighed in this morning and lost six pounds since last Monday. Of course, the response is that I'm losing weight too fast once again, but I think the weight I gained for awhile there was from eating while on vacation and through my BIL's death.

So, I'm down to 202 and I'm so excited! I am doing the plan well and I'm hoping to start incorporating more exercise (well, not MORE - just exercise....I haven't done ANY to date)

I'm looking forward to getting down below 200. This was the weight I was at when I delivered my daughter ten years ago!
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