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You would think having 3 pregnancies of my own, 3 for others bringing it to a total of 8 babies total.. I would be used to anything by now..<br><br>
So last night I am cuddling in bed with my 5 year old dd...when WHAM a really strong painful contraction hit me.. BUT it was only on the left side of my body. It wrapped around my left side just like a normal contraction wraps around both sides.. it was so weird. It was really painful, and kept happening, like every 4 minutes and it lasted for like 45 seconds.<br><br>
I googled some stuff, it said to lay on my right side and that might help? Nope.. then I layed down on my back and it helped.. but every once in awhile it would come back for an hour or so.. it was very strange..<br><br>
Just when I thought I was a pro..
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