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hi everyone.

i just had a new baby 10 weeks ago. at 8 weeks pp i got what i'm sure was a period -- slight cramping, bleeding going from heavy to light. and since i got af at 6 weeks with dd1 i wasn't surprised.

what did surprise me is that since monday i've been bleeding again. this time it's lighter, but it hasn't gone away. it started 12 days after the first af started.

what is this? i know it's normal to have weird bleeding while breastfeeding and esp this soon after having had a baby. but this is obnoxious, esp with swimming season. and i just don't know how heavy it's going to get, what to wear to contain it, etc. ugh.

anything you can suggest for me to normal out my hormones a bit? i'm hoping some of you fertility geniuses can help me!
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