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"weird" feeling in the area between the breast&armpit

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eh, at the risk of sounding like a weirdo, has anyone else experienced this?
I cant even describe it really. But a friend who gave birth two months ago kept telling me that she had this weird feeling in her armpit area and I said i had no clue what that was, as I never had it in my pregnancies. Then she told me that milk "runs" through that area? Like there are milk pathways
there? Is that true?
This sensation isnt pain, its just..almost like tingling sometimes or something.
Has anyone else had this?
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Yep, it's called the 'milk line' and breast tissue can develop there during puberty (and sometimes nipples and such, too). During major hormonal shifts, like in pregnancy, you can get similar tingling/discomfort/etc there as you would in your breasts. It's really neat! I learned about it in my lactation courses and was completely fascinated. I'm weird like that

ETA: Here's a bit of info about it:
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oh, thanks so much for the info!

but now that link scared me, said something about "growing extra nipples"

i wonder why i would have this now? and also, does it mean anything, like its not bad is it? because the friend who had it during her pregnancy is now having issues of some sort, she has these hard knot type things in that area.
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There's breast tissue there - and you should know this because you check it as part of your monthly self-exam, right?!

I've had it too. I definitely wouldn't worry - I seriously doubt we're sprouting extra nipples. (And heck, if we do - more for our DCs to choose from!
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You won't grow extra nipples, I promise! That's normally something people are born with and that can develop more in puberty.

I see in your sig that you've been pregnant before (and I'm so sorry for your loss
). This pregnancy is probably doing things a bit differently this time and that's why you're feeling it this early.

There shouldn't be any issues with the area in most cases. Your friend could be getting 'knot' type lumps there now because the body was making milk in that area and has had to shut down production there, as the baby isn't using it. It shouldn't last too long. I think I remember that a woman should treat the area much like she would the rest of the breast. If the area becomes engorged or has a 'clogged duct' sensation, applying cold compresses can help. Also, she can take an anti-inflammatory for pain (ibuprofen, for example) while the discomfort resolves itself.

Of course, if the lumps don't resolve themselves, it's important to get them checked out, just like any area of the breast (says the woman who ignored a cyst on her breast for far too long and, while it turned out to be nothing serious, would never do that to herself again).

Say it with me now: no extra nipples!
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