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weird lower,hip back pain, Help!

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This is my 4th. pregnancy & I have never had such bad back problems. I'm 6 months pregnant & the pain started at 4months.

The pain freezes me in place, mostly when I'm on my hands & knees. I can't even do pelvic rocking because my lower back, above my left hip goes crazy. (Its wierd, its not my lower back, but not my hip)I get stuck! Sometimes it hurts to walk. I can't even sit on the floor talor sitting or anything else because I won't be able to get up. What is this?

Please tell me its old age (32
) & not some lifelong back problem.

I am scared to give birth, because I'm afraid I won't be able to move or birth because of this?

What do I do? How do I work out the kink...or whetever this evil thing is!!!! Any good work out plans?

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I have no clue, but what about going to a chiropracter? sounds like they could really help you.

I've been having issues in my sacral area (not really the hip and not the butt either) since this baby dropped last wk, and chiro help has made a huge difference. so has wearing my v2 supporter belly belt
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It sounds like your SI Joint. I have problems with that when I am not pregnant, but it has definitely gotten much worse since I have been pregnant. If I get to the chiro once a week, I am in good shape. If I go any longer, it hurts bad. And I can totally relate to that "catching" feeling where it's like it wont move.

It may go away once the baby is born, but it also may be something you are prone to in the future. A chiro is the best recoomendation, and in between adjustments, apply ice for the swelling and pain.
I have the same pain. I get it during pregnancy. This time it started at only 10 weeks.
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Maybe your uterus is tilted to your back too far? Mine was with my first, and my doctor would manually tilt it forward. It didn't last forever, but it always helped relieve discomfort. There are also exercises you can do. I know back pain really stinks.
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