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Weird movements way down there

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I am 31.5 weeks along. Yesterday evening I was out for a walk and suddenly felt painful movement way, way down in my pelvis.... way down. It literally took my breath away. Then is happened again. I had to stop walking and could only take a few slow steps before it happened again... the whole way home.

It felt like the baby's feet where stretched out way down into my pelvis and were kicking around down there. (Although a week ago, the baby's head was down as it should be) All night I couldn't sit properly or bend over and it kept happening whenever I stood up.

This morning was better and I've only felt the painful movement a few times while walking to work and going up the stairs. Although, now I seem to have developped a dull ache in and around my vagina.

I haven't had sex in a week, so it's not associated with that.

Any ideas?

Thanks and take good care,
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No that you mention it, it did kind of feel like it was hitting my cervix. That seems a little scarry. Hmmm...

I am feeling kick up just under my rib cage now, so maybe it's hands are down there by my cervix. It's so strange.

I feel like my bottom baby is kicking right through my cervix. It is the weirdest feeling, it feels like it will just come right out. The baby is head down so I guess it is the babies head, not a foot, but it really feels like it is kicking through my cervix. I had the same feeling with ds, so I have not been too worried about it, it is just annoying more than anything.
It's just pressure on your cervix from the baby's head. I have had it many times in both of my pregnancies. It does make you gasp, doesn't it? If it keeps happening, you can get on elbows and knees and elevate your butt up to take the pressure off.
I had that :LOL She used to dig with her fingers on my cervix and elbow my bladder. Once I was in an elevator and she did something--don't know what but it caused me to wet my pants and double up in pain--I made like my water had broken while I stood there in a puddle of pee (I knew what it was) and it made my dh panic as it was too early--I had to drag him off the elevator and convince him to just take me home so I could change my pants!!
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