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Weird question: bad breath and nutrition?

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In the past few weeks, I've noticed bad breath on me and my 3 yo ds. I remember having bad breath in my 20's when I did not eat well, which I've read is one of the reasons people have bad breath. But my ds always had sweet smelling breath until very recently. I'm thinking diet is the cause.

We recently introduced ourselves to fresh juice (usu. carrot, collard greens, kale, and beets) and 3-4 months ago, started taking clo supplements. The clo thing was too long ago to be the cause I would think. We've also been eating more butter lately.

Just by coincidence (?) I met someone who had bad breath a few weeks ago. Could I have "caught" something from him? We didn't share any food or anything, so there was no direct contact, but we spent a good amount of time with him over a few days.

So was that weird? lol. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

ETA: I gave up coffee a week ago and have since been sticking to green tea mostly and an occasional earl grey. But that wouldn't explain ds' bad breath.
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Sorry for using my dog as an example but his bad breath was caused by kidney and bladder problems. He also had a really acidic pH level that had to be controlled with a vegetarian diet. Could your pH level be off? Maybe get some of the pH paper strips to test your pee. That will tell you if you are too acidic or just right. Even some bottled water can be really acidic. I used to have a whole list of foods to avoid but I've lost it now. I'm sure you could find something on the internet about acidic foods though. HTH

Do you eat a lot of dairy? Dairy always give DH and me very bad breath.
Flossing is key to happy breath in our house.
It could be you body detoxing
Are you drinking pasturized milk?Or raw milk? Do you drink kefir? Homeade kefir is really great for restoring digestive health. I notice when our diet gets off balance, or when I had gut problems in the past, bad breath was always a symptom.
I don'tthink bad breath is caught. It's not a cold.
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Lol. I didn't think you could catch it, but the official term, 'halitosis', sure sounds infectious to me.

Thanks for your thoughts. I don't think dairy is it and I don't think it's a bad gut. Ds has never been on antibiotics and I haven't for at least two decades if ever (I don't remember), and we don't do kefir, but do do lacto-fermented veggies and yogurt and miso. Perhaps it's the Ph level? I'll look into that, but what causes that? Meat? We haven't been eating any more meat than usual. I did suspect detoxing. I think that could be it. I hope it passes if that's the case. But I've been feeling awsome, so maybe that is it.

Anyway, thanks again folks.
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