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Weird side pain?

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Anyone have this? It is new as of last night. Sharp pain, that is sporadic, coming and going, lasts only for a second. On my absolute right side of my body, almost under my hip bone on the side. Not related at all to my front or back, not traveling around, just isolated to this one location. Almost like a quick pulsing pain, then gone. Then again with no pattern to when it comes and goes.

No idea. Not worried really, but just covering my bases.
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Hmmm. Ligament pain? The sharpness and how it comes and goes quickly suggests that. Not sure about the location, though.

Does it show up when you're doing anything in particular? Walking, standing, sitting, turning?
No, happens when laying down, walking and standing. It has lessened this afternoon though.
perhaps a pinched nerve? I get those whether moving or laying still...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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