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Weird things your kids teethe on

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Dd was walking around today happily chewing on the end of a dried Roma tomato.

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The coffee table.
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TV cables. Yes, DH plugged the DVD player into the front of the TV and left it there. DS knows how to unplug the cord. So he likes to chew on it. Of course as soon as I see the cord where DS can get it I put it away. But DH isn't as diligent.

Things he's allowed to have? Clothes. He will find a night shirt, T-shirt, pants, whatever, and chew on them. I looked over and he is actually doing that right now.
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The remote was always a favorite. Ick. He got a hold of a cassette tape once too. He was happy with the cold teething rings I gave him though, for the most part.
Oh heavens - dd will put anything she can get ahold of into her mouth but her favorites are the remote, the end of my hair brush (ewww) any of big sisters hard plastic toys (which really makes sister MAD) She never liked the cold teething rings though - none of my kids ever took to those.
Anything leather or leather like. My dh has a little leather pouch that the kids like to chew on, and his wallet.
Well, I forgot to say the main thing that DS has been teething on lately. His fingers! I will hear this gaging sound, so I jump up, and hes got his fingers jamed into his mouth. I think it is because of the molar though.
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