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Welcome Maximus Brooks!

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Maximus Brooks Purvis was born at home on Friday March 17th at 6:36pm. He is 22 inches, weighing 8 lbs 14.5 oz.

We have started a blog: and will have more photos and the birth story up soon!
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Aw, he's gorgeous! Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Max!

He is so beuatiful, and it looks like you had an *awesome* birth. I love his name, btw!
yay Ellie! i've been watching for an update from you since I knew you were in your new house and had been offline for a while...

Welcome to our world, baby Maximus Brooks!

And sweet babymooning to you and your partner! Your baby is absolutely gorgeous!


He's SO beautiful!
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Congratulations on your homebirth!
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Welcome baby!

Did you start signing to him yet?
welcome Maximus!!! he is SO beautiful.
enjoy your babymoon
WOW what a beautiful baby, truly! Congrats on your little angel and your HB! I live in Astoria, not to far from Portland; baby's are close in age if you ever want to have a playdate!

When do you plan on teaching him signing? I just started learning Italian (becasue of my heritage) and I try to teach dd as well!
Welcome Maximus, you are beautiful!!
Congrats Ellie!
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Thanks, everyone! It's been hard to find time to check in at MDC! We are getting the hang of the sling, though, so hopefully I'll be able to check in more.

Can't wait to start signing with him! I'll start as soonasI think he can focus on my hands a bit. It will be cool cause DH has been wanting to learn, so now he will have a real reason to.

We are still settling in and loving every moment (ok, maybe not the 3:00AM gas pain-crying moments!) with our new boy!
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Oh Ellie, somehow I missed this thread before. So glad you delivered!
Another March mama One Thread graduate!
Congrats and welcome, Max!
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I loved being able to see your birth story. You were awesome!
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