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"Welcome with love"

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i found this most beautiful book at the library today while searching for bedtime stories.. i have been trying to find books to help my 2 1/2 year old with the birth and adjusting to the idea of having a new sister or brother..this one is the perfect thing..

this book is amazing. it shows a homebirth with a midwife and all three children and pappa and auntie there supporting their momma.. the illustrations are superb. i cried when i read it to myself, i havn't even read it to elwynn yet!

i just wanted to share!

love fern
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we have this book outa the library too and i agree it is great!! i read my dtr a few books about "the new baby" but i kept having to explain that mommy wouldnt be going to the hospital but would be at home like when i gave birth to her. (fingers crossed) this book shows the baby being born at home and has an illustration of the umbilical cord etc. cassia thought it was a snake!! so it was an opportunity to talk about that and other things involved in the birth!! i love the library and dont know what i would do without it.
fern, we borrowed this book from my midwife and
it too. It is so beautifully done. It's a little wordy for my dd so we improvise on some pages. I love how comfortable Zoom is with it all and she has decided she will cut the cord when our new baby is born! I love how they show the placenta too, and talk about the mom being loud when she is pushing the baby out. You'll have to let me know how Elwynn reacts when you read it to him.
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i will! but i think he will be fine.. we have watched some pretty detailed births on the tv and he reads all of the pregnancy and chilbirth books i have with me and asks lots of questions
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We borrowed this one from my midwife as well. It's a very nie book, but I wish there was a similar one written by an Amerian (sorry, you an see a ertain key on my keyboard isn't working). My ds kept asking why the girl used different words. I guess younger kids wouldn't notie that as muh. And then before we even read the book, I KNEW ds was going to think the baby was oming out of the mommy's butt. And when we got to that page, he yelled "WHY IS THE BABY OMING OUT OF HER BUTT??? LOL! So I had to do a bit more explaining. I also DIDN'T like that the mom did a lot of yelling. I am a quiet birther, I guess, but it seems to me most of the women I've talked to irl say they never yelled or sreamed. Maybe moaned quietly. I guess it's good to tell ds that sometimes mommies sream when they're having a baby so if I happen to this time (I doubt it) he won't be sared, but I didn't like the use of yelling.

Maybe I'll write one myself. But then I'd have to get over this problem I have w/ drawing/painting people. LOL!
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i actually just found this book in the library the other day too! it is absolutely amazing!!!!

hollyhobbie: my dd said the cord was a "worm"...
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We own it and it's one of DD's FAVORITES!!!

The best is when we get to the point where the mom is making all the noise and we do the sound effects. :LOL I'm noisy in labor and I'm just trying to prepare her!
We have it too and of course my son wants nothing to do with it. I was so excited to find it and get it and then it's "Uh, I don't want to read that book". The only thing that interested him in the slightest was the placenta.
I wish our library carried it, but none of them do around here

I got mine from which is my FAVORITE place to shop :LOL
The only thing I can't stand is that the shipping charges are always the same and the books come via media mail in most cases which costs much less than what they have the sellers ask for. Ah well.
I've bought about 5 copies of TCOYF from
But I digress!
This is definitely a wonderful book despite what my little one thinks of it
There are a few others that are similar but their names escape me at the moment. Most are written by people from other countries. But unfortunately until it becomes the norm here, we probably won't have many American home birth books.
Take care!
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I just HAD to post... after reading this, I ordered it from the library.

When I got it home, I have to say I was a little shocked by the illustrations, but...

I read it to ds for the first time last night and he LOVED it. He had been so disinterested in the baby lately. He was totally fascinated about how the baby came out of the mommy's "bum" and about the placenta. On the way to daycare this morning we talked all about the baby coming.

I thought it was great how it described the mom's yelling and screams and how they didn't need to worry because that's just what happens when a baby is born.

I soooo recommend this book if you're planning a homebirth.

Thanks for the tip!

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We have "Welcome With Love" on loan from the library now too. Ds (26mo) loves it! He has been very interested in the baby being born but all the other books we found completely skip that part or are WAY too technical for a toddler. It has sparked a new game where he plays midwife and I play mama in labor. The only downside we have experienced is the first illustration of the newborn shows him without anyone holding him and ds interpreted the picture as the baby being thrown up into the air and now ds can't wait for our baby to be born so he can throw the baby "way up to the sky!" :LOL :LOL :LOL
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