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My dh, that is. We've recently moved, going from a very homeschooling-friendly area, to a community that looks at me like I've got a third eye, if they don't think they've simply misheard me when I say we're homeschooling. I've even had well meaning people here simply outright tell me NOT to homeschool. Really boggles my mind, the reaction here (it's a military community, fwiw).

Anyway, the other day when dh was telling me of some more of his co-workers giving him a hard time (or at least a puzzled time) about homeschooling, I said to dh, "Oh, btw...don't tell the people here we're unschooling. They clearly just wouldn't get it."

His response: "Oh well, honestly I don't even get it. Just sounds like you're not going to teach her anything," without skipping a beat, and continued right into the story of this co-workers.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud right then. He's not actually such a detached dad about how his kids are raised, as that comment would surely have me thinking. So I guess I'm left least he trusts me. He trusts my decisions well enough to be supportive of this, without even understanding it.
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