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well baby checks?

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Can anyone tell me if well baby checks are mandatory if you're on medicaid?i signed the kids up after dh was laid off in jan.(gotta love out-sourceing
: )Now about every other week I'm getting form letters showing what were eligible for etc.Today I get one saying their records show that dd is due for a check,please bring shot record etc.when i sheduale appt.We're not vaxing,and i think wellbaby checks are a big waste of time.The height weight charts are on line so I've been keeping up with that.Dd's fine has'nt even had so much as a sniffle.I've got the religious exemption form on file at home.So I'm wondering how far will they push it?We go to docs when were sick but we've never gone just because.Any ideas?
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i think it depends on the states medical neglect laws. Some states don't consider skipping well baby checks neglect if you have a doc and see them when the child is sick, other states see ignoring well checks as possible neglect. I don't know how to look up the state laws though, I think there might be some good stuff in the vaccination forum archives on state by state laws.
I live in NC, too. We've been on medicaid in the past and have not done well baby checks. It is not neglect to skip taking a healthy child to the doctor, only if you deny them "Necessary medical treatment". We dropped medicaid a long time ago. We don't like having the government have so much access to personal info. But it is nice to have when you need it.
Thanks for the replies.I've relly been stressing over this one.With 3 boys at home our finances can't take the dent an er visit would make and well it's summer and their boys
which is why I signed up for it to begin with
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I wanted to add that we were reported to DSS for medical neglect while we were on Medicaid. (We believe it was a neighbor, not the doc since we were really never there) The charges were very quickly dropped. If you aren't going in for well baby checks, the doc probably won't even realize that you aren't vaxing. It would only be an issue in the case of an emergency and in that case you would be able to present your religious exemption. To refuse treatment would be religious persecution, and you just won't get that from a government organization.
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