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Well child visits at naturopath or pediatrician?

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I've always taken the kids to a pediatrician, but since I've been getting more discouraged there, I was curious about how many of you use a naturopath for your dc's well-child & regular appts for the kids. I'm trying out a naturopath for myself next month to preview for the kids as well, but wanted to know what you all think/do.
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After interviewing 2 "regular" pediatricians while pregnant and being sorely disappointed, we decided to see a naturopath for dd. She is 14 mo now and it is great--no nonsense about breastfeeding, and no hassles about vaccinations. I am glad that we went this route. If you are comfortable seeing a naturopath yourself and like the doctor, I am sure your kids will too!
Lots of times if you call and ask for a consultation you can go in free of charge just to meet with the doctor and see what you think. That's what we did.
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We all see naturopaths as well. They are wonderful! They are so willing and excited to educate, and totally supportive of our decisions.
how did you find your naturopaths? word of mouth? are they close or far from you? are they covered by your insurance?

i've been wanting to see one, but most are an hour's drive or more from me.
I wouldn't go to a pediatrician at all. For me, the choice would be between different types of family doctors - and at this point, I think I've found a naturopath I love
for myself, and she sub-specializes in kids, so assuming we ever manage to make a wee one, that'll probably be where s/he goes.

My mom's a humanistic (allopathic but not techno-philliac) family doctor MD, so I'm a bit prejudiced, but I really think that pediatrics should be a specialty for taking care of extra sick kids, just like OBs should only care for extra sick pregnant women, and the midwife/family doctor should be the primary care for everyone else. Why do I need a specialist for a basically healthy kid? I'd rather have someone who specializes in the family.
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who do you see Arwyn? i MUST have her name. must must must.
only cause i wanna be JUST like youuuuuuuu

kidding. but really if she is local.. she sounds like my new ND
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I had my older son seeing a pediatrician for a while, but we just didn't see things the same way. So now both of my boys go to a naturopath (my second son from new born checkup on) and we love him. He is about 15 min from our house.
heket said:
how did you find your naturopaths? word of mouth? are they close or far from you? are they covered by your insurance?

I asked my chiropractor who he recommends and I also saw some articles written by a naturopath in a local (free) children's newspaper (sometimes libraries have them with other circulars). Also, I went online and googled a search for our town and naturopaths and then went to the naturopath's websites to get a feel for their method/philosophy. HTH
DS has only seen an ND.

I actually can't remember how we found her...our old insurance covered her, but our new insurance only covers sick-child visits (for wont of a better term), now the WBV. No matter, we have a Flexible benefits savings plan, and so now we pay her out of that account (yay, tax free!).
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