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Well darn...

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I think DS has decided to become a heavy wetter. Yesterday we went swimming and I guess he held it the whole time. He took a nap on the way back from the pool and as soon as he woke up and got down to play he SOAKED his extra thick fleece AIO AND his clothes. His morning his night time diaper was pretty wet of course, but then he SOAKED his fresh diaper and his wool cover, he hadn't been up but 30 minutes. I have noticed signs over the past week or so that he is holding longer and peeing more(he wont go between 3 and 5 for some reason and then soaks).

What are some good diapers for heavy wetter? Who makes cheap and good quality hemp doublers?
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Celestial Baby is having a sale on hemp doublers right now.
They're nice, too.
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