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Well, I signed my papers today.

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I signed divorce papers with my lawyer today. Now he will be served and we'll just have to see how he reacts. He is going to be seriously pissed about the child support order, but the state determines that, not me. He was really hoping I would give him joint custody, but I won't do that at this point because my husband is seriously unstable. In fact he SAYS (but I doubt) that he is checking himself in for psychiatric treatment for a week. I don't know what he thinks that is going to accomplish, but I really hope he does and that it helps him with anger management. My attorney told me to be ready to get an order of protection once he gets served, because he is not a stable person emotionally, and he has been abusive in the past. We'll see. I am relieved to have this going, but scared to death of his reaction, especially when he sees the amount ordered for child support.
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I hope it goes as well as possible. My X also flipped when he saw the numbers, and threatened to go for custody. I stood my ground. Good luck!
Thanks for the well wishes. They are appreciated. He told me yesterday that he will fight for joint custody. We'll see. I don't really know how he will afford to do that, unless he plans to put a retainer on a credit card. In one breath he tells me he will sign the papers, but in the next he tells me he will never allow me to take our son away from him. I gave generous visitation, but that doesn't seem to matter. I really like my lawyer though. She is smart, no-nonsense, and very definitely out to help me get what I want from this. I definitely did not take him for all he's worth. I struck out any spousal support, I gave him a lot of stuff that he could easily sell and have several thousand dollars to work with, and I took on the house that is going to be next to impossible to sell. I want custody of our son, not for the money but so that I can make sure that I do everything I can to raise him to be a good person, and to protect him from his father's horrible temper. I don't know. I am nervous about the next few weeks.
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Be safe mama. If there is a history of abuse, you may want to tell a trusted neighbor and have a code if you are in trouble. A TRO won't stop him if he wants to hurt you.
Thank you Trisha. I am lucky enough to have several very good friends and neighbors who can help at a moment's notice. I assure you, I am taking nothing lightly.
Are you still living in the same house? If he can be abusive, that seems risky. Take care and bravo for taking charge of your future.

He left last night. He just said he is going to get some help, but refuses to say where he is going, other than "not anywhere near here." I am living in the house, because my attorney said that was important for going for sole custody, to show as much as my son's "normal life" is in my control. I am taking precautions, and not staying there alone.

He will be served probably the day he gets back, as the sherriff's office will have the documents on Monday for service.
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