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Well... I Think We're Weaned...

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I haven't posted here in ages... but I thought I'd come by and let someone know that Max and I seem to have weaned. Up until he was two years old he was still nursing over 10 times a day, which is a lot! He's been down to nursing only before sleepytime for probably 5 months now. Well, he hasn't nursed in 5 nights, so I'm pretty sure that's it for nursing. I am so proud to have nursed him for nearly 32 months. As little as a month ago, I know I would've been very sad for this moment, but I can honestly say that I'm not at all sad, the timing was perfect for both of us, we're obviously both ready. I am very proud for nursing so long, and for allowing Max to take the lead... also for enjoying all the moments along the way (well, OK... maybe not ALL of them...) Thanks for letting me brag and share. Aw man... now I'm starting to feel sad!!!
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I hope I make it as long as you did.

You should have a little ceremony or something. Kind of a bittersweet celebration...

yeah for you!!! I'm at 32 mo sign of weaning...
Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear about your wonderful extended nursing relationship and child led weaning. I think that my 2 year old is slowing and I'm still praying he keeps it up until my milk comes back (I'm 23 weeks pregn. and my milk is officially dried up). I told my husband yesterday that if this is when he decides to wean I'll have to accept it as natural weaning...then I had to leave the room because I started crying......
So, let's hope he keeps nursing until the colostrum comes in and makes it as long as you guys!!!!

Good job mama and Max!!!!!
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