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Sorry...that sucks. I had a similar situation with a very close friend. I had to tell her (very very nicely but firmly) that her negative stories and reactions were affecting me and consequently the safety of my baby, and that if we were to be able to still talk during my pregnancy, she would have to be supportive and positive. It worked but it took a few tries to get it right and we scaled down contact quite a bit.

I could not have let it lie--I personally was not able to handle the negative emotions during my pregnancy--it was far too stressful and draining for me. I had a similar version of that talk with a few others as well, with similar results.

One more note--I would advise not to tell her you are in labor...just tell her after the baby is born. You don't need to risk hysterical phone calls or worse while in labor.

Best of luck!
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