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My mom was so unthrilled with my homebirth, I know because my sister has been planning one and she tells her all the time how crazy it is.
She didn't know we were planning one until my husband mentioned that I was being seen by the midwife and couldn't come to the phone. I was so pissed because I really didn't want to deal with her negativity. Shockingly she never said anything bad, I even had to check with my hubby that he really did spill the beans. Guess she saved all her mean words for my poor sis.

Whatever you do, do not have her there laboring with you.
Positive supporters that really believe you can do this are the key.
If my mom was in the room I think I would stop laboring all together.
Sad, but true.
And I saw it happen to my sister, she lives in town with my mom and my mom was there a good part of the labor and I think it really threw her off and slowed down her labor.

Ignore your mom's comments and surround yourself with homebirth facts. If she can't see the truth, that's her problem.

I'm so happy with my decision and loved the midwives, they were awesome and I trusted them completely and they believed in me that I could do this, even when the shoulders got a little stuck. I tell you what if I was in the hospital they would have panicked and shoved him back in and done a c-section and who knows what would have happened to both of us.

I think homebirth is awesome, empowering and safe with an experienced midwife who knows what they are doing and believes in you.

My little guy arrived just Saturday and I'm elated. Good luck to you.
well I''m off to go get my beautiful little babe back by my side.
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