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I am so sorry. I agree that you should distance your mother from you for the remainder of the pregnancy and DEFINITELY the labor - her presence will be a negative one and will likely impact you emotionally as well as psychologically.

You are not responsible for your Mother's feelings or her happiness. Please make sure that you have a support group to talk with. It is important to talk with someone - could be your MW, a trusted friend even your DH who just lets you talk and talk and talk about your Mother and how all of this makes you feel. Find someone that you can vent to that will not offer suggestions or defend her in any way but listen to you to let you get out all of this negative energy.
Is there any chance you could have a Blessingway? Even if it was just you and a couple of friends it would be so awesome for you to be around supportive Mamas to tell you how wonderful you are and how awesome your body is and that you were built to birth this baby.

Do whatever you can to let the negative go. If there is any way even go for a massage to help release the negative tension currently held in your muscles and getting adjusted by a chiropractor would be a great idea.

Journal to yourself - only positive stuff - write down quotes you have seen in homebirth stories, posts from homebirth Mamas and books you have read that help you feel empowered.

I hope you are able to find some peace in all of this negativity.

Definitely, definitely, do NOT have your Mother present during the labor and birth of this baby, you deserve more than that.

Blessings Mama,
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