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Well, I'm afraid I've reached the end of the line...not so great 34 wk update

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Hey there, mamas,

I haven't really done much of an update on this pg since my BP started to rise at 30 wks., largely b/c the meds I went on did their job (along with all the other things I've been trying) and have kept me pg and healthy for over 4 wks. now.
That's definitely the good news!

The bad news is that yesterday they stopped working for me -- although I increased my dosage, my BP never went down at all, and just keeps getting higher and higher, in fact.
I spent all day yesterday lying on my side in bed b/c anytime I sat up to take my BP, it would spike so high as to scare me! It's running around 170s/100s right now this morning (as I lie here in bed, borrowing DH's laptop) -- those are bad, bad numbers to be seeing, especially when you consider I'm already on a hefty dose of antihypertensives

So in a hour, when DH gets home from our oldest DS's baseball game, I'm going to be heading into L&D and I really don't expect to leave there again until I give birth, which will likely be in the next couple of days. Huge bummer.

I'm trying to stay matter-of-fact about all this, but the truth of the matter is that I'm heartbroken -- I'm back to having another preemie (haven't done that since DC #2), being potentially quite sick again and on mag sulfate, having an induction and lots of interventions I'm totally dreading, not to mention having to completely abandon my dream for a homebirth (and just when I was getting so darned close, too!) I'm sad, worried, and I feel physically wretched right now -- the high BP makes me feel terrible, and I've also been having a TON of strong BH ctrx since yesterday (I don't know if I've been having them for a while, but since I wasn't lying in bed, I didn't notice them, or if my body is sending signals that it's in distress and needs this baby out NOW!)

Anyway, just wanted to update and let you know where things stand. I might have internet access in the hospital; if so, I'll post again from there...

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Oh Guin.
I'm so sorry things are going this way.

Hoping and
: that all goes well and that little Sophia will arrive safe and well and your bp will go back down asap. Take care of yourself now- you can deal with your disappointment and cry on my shoulder anytime.
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Oh Drat!

That sucks.

Here's hoping things switch to your side at the last minute...or if you must deliver that you and the baby are very healthy!

I was in LD a couple of weeks ago with contractions a couple of minutes apart, and there was a woman at 34 weeks with twins in labor. Her babies came out 5 and 6 lbs each, were breathing on their own, and neither needed to go to the NICU!
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Oh, Guin!
I am so sorry to hear your news! I hope things go as well as they can. We're all thinking about you. Try to stay positive.
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Oh, Guin. I'm heartbroken for you. You've worked so hard and done everything you can and had such an amazing attitude through this whole thing. I know that this is best for you and for your baby, but I hope you give yourself permission to grieve for the loss of the birth experience you dreamed of. I can't wait to hear about your beautiful new baby girl!
Sending you healthy vibes for you & the baby! I am so sorry you are going through this~

Sending you lot's of hugs and prayers, mama!!!!
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Sending another hug your way!
Hope things turn out the best way possible!
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sending you hugs and positive thoughts.
Hi Guin. So sorry you won't be able to have your dream birth. Having a preemie must be scary, or at least stressful. I know how it is to fear months of being sick... it sucks and nobody can make that go away. The best anyone can do is think on the positive as much as possible.

You're going to have a beautiful little girl soon. She'll be a joy even if she is 6 weeks premature. When you feel better, whether its after the birth, or in a few weeks or months, you'll still have this tiny precious life to love. I'm sure you've already decided that its all worth it, and hopefully this can be your light at the end of the tunnel. You will heal, your baby will be gorgeous, life will be happy eventually.

You can always cry on my shoulder and know that you're in my thoughts. Good luck, and don't feel that you have to be a brave mama all the time!
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you have done a GREAT job getting this far!!
You should focus on THAT!! Your baby is much much better that you made it this far and will need much less interventions! You have done a great job!!

I pray that all goes well for you and your baby.
More love, prayers and hugs for you Guin.
You've done such a great job. I'm so sorry that things are not working out the way you had hoped that they would. We're always here to listen and lean on. We'll be looking for your updates.
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I'm so sorry, mama. Sometimes these things just cannot be helped. I will be thinking of you and wishing you an easy labor. The important thing is for you and your baby to stay healthy.
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i hope things go well for you, and that you have a good experience with the birth of your little girl, even if it's not under the best of circumstances. i'll be thinking of you, and looking forward to an update.
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I'm so sorry. I will pray for you that your birth is as intervention free as it can be and of course for the health of you and your little one.
Oh Guinevere- I am praying for you and your babe! Hopefully it will go as best as possible and in the end your precious Sophia will be here! Blessings mama!!
Oh Guinevere- I am praying for you and your babe! Hopefully it will go as best as possible and in the end your precious Sophia will be here! Blessings mama!!

I am sending positive thoughts that your baby girl and YOU are safe and healthy. I am so sorry things haven't gone as planned.
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Mama! I hope you and the babe are safe and sound and wish with all my heart that this will just turn around for you!
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