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Well I'm going to be a Dec mom again!

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Based on my LMP I thought I was due 11/30, but baby is measuring small so my ob adjusted my date to 12/5 (the date I get based on O date), I also got to hear and see the baby's hb today! A beautiful 130.
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Congratulations and welcome!!
Congratulations. I can't wait to hear a heartbeat.....
Welcome too!
Welcome and congrats!
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I'm a December mom, again, too! Or it looks like I'm going to be one... Welcome!
This will be my 3rd dec. baby!
I'm one myself too, so is my dad, and an uncle- Its a great month
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My uncle is 12/11, mine is 12/18, ds is 12/18, sil is 12/29, and now due 12/5.
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My birthday is the day after my little girl's in December... plus my oldest brother's, and our wedding anniversary ... it is a busy month!
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