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I'm 17 weeks pregnant, have a chronic medical condition, just lost placement of my children (though still shared custody), and now I MUST find employment, or I'll be out on the streets.

I signed up with a temp agency, and on Friday I stopped in to take some tests. I aced their computer tests (just Word and Excel), typing 75 wpm. They were quite impressed, and I scored higher than they ever see. Hopefully, I'll have some interviews this upcoming week. Earlier in the week I also mailed out a resume, and am waiting to hear back.

One of the problems with looking for work is that several jobs available would be completely impossible for me to perform with my physical limitations due to disability. Luckily, I can still hide the belly bulge, so that shouldn't interfere with getting work for now.

I'm really going to need to get some roommates, too. I've casually mentioned it to a few friends, and apparantly one is seriously considering it, but she, too, has to find steady employment before it becomes a reality. She isn't really looking for work right now, though, so I doubt anything will come from that. She's been living at home, caring for disabled family members, and they really need her there.

I've asked my bf if he'd like to move in with me, but it doesn't look like that's happening.
Oh, well. I offered.

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Hugs and good luck! It's amazing sometimes how things fall together when for me when I put my mind to something, hopefully you'll experience the same! And there's nothing like financial independence to make you feel wonderfully confident (spoken from someone who hasn't achieved that recently...but remembers it fondly!)

Sounds like some good plans...keep us updated!
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